The Heart Dancing Radio Show

I have started a new adventure – one that is totally outside of  my comfort zone. But because I chose to step forward and play, I am now the host of the Heart Dancing Radio Show!  You never know what will happen when you show up, ready for anything.Heart Dancing Radio

To listen to any of the past shows, please go to my website.

I invite guests who share my beliefs about our creative powers, our purpose and our mission while we are walking this beautiful planet. If you are attracted to my blog, then you will love the radio show. It is part of the Heart Dancing Movement – to show you how to listen to the music of your heart, not the messages from your mind.

Remember – Let. Love. Lead.

Whenever you fall into the trap of mind messages, repeat this mantra. It will remind you that love is always there with you, ready to show you how to think, act and simple BE. ❤

One thought on “The Heart Dancing Radio Show

  1. I enjoy listening to Kathryn Eriksen on Heart Dancing Radio. Her guests have such beautiful, heart-felt stories of turning tragedy into triumph.
    You NEED to listen to this show! It can help you improve your life!

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