Can Pinterest Define Me?

I have a confession to make – it’s not something I am especially proud of, because it seems so trivial and non-productive. When I spend time on this activity, one part of my brain is scolding me that I am wasting time.

“What possible benefit could this have to the world?” that strident voice demands.

I usually just ignore it…but then I realized that I was giving that voice more power by not looking at it. So this post is my attempt to “look at” that insistent message to see if it holds any value to me.

What is my confession? I love Pinterest.  No, that’s not quite accurate — I LOVE PINTEREST! (and I have pinned more than 2,800 items to prove it!)

If you are not familiar with Pinterest, it is a digital vision board. You create different topics and then find pictures, quotes, videos that are saved to that board. I have boards for places I want to visit, favorite foods, things for the home, etc.

But my favorite boards are My Favorite Quotes, Dance with the Divine and Infinite Possibilities. Check them out at

Why does being on Pinterest make me happy? Because I create my boards and pin only those images that speak to me. It is completely and utterly my own creation, and just going through my boards can set the tone for the day.

But that is not all…I have discovered profound insight and wisdom in the pins created by others. For example, check out this pin that has a quote from Jack Canfield of “Chicken Soup” fame:  everything you want

Makes you think, doesn’t it? I could show you so many more pins but why not check it out for yourself? Go to and create an account – then start playing! I guarantee you that you will start singing the “Happy” song as you begin to see the possibilities to have fun. And express yourself. Without judgment or criticism, because Pinterest is just for you.

That strident voice demanding that I stop pinning is no longer heard above a whisper. Whenever I do give it any attention at all, it is with a pin. That usually does the trick!

Visionaries – Another Great Tool to Realize Your Dreams

I am the last one to claim to be “techno-savvy” or sharp enough to utilize all of the social media tools available to expand your network (have you “linked-in” your FB page so it updates every time you tweet something new?)

Having said that (and shown my ignorance by that last string of words), there is one social media tool that I have fallen in love with – both as a writer and as a dreamer of better things.  Every night, before I go to bed, I spend about five minutes on this platform.  It always makes me feel lights, happier, and more optimistic that my life will soon transform into the images I found and selected.

Have you guessed what it is?

English: Red Pinterest logo

Pinterest is just like a vision board or scrapbook.  But instead of tearing up magazines and using glue sticks to create your dreamboard, you do it online.

You can create as many boards on Pinterest as you want.  As you start playing with it, your imagination is guaranteed to explode in ways you could never dream of.  And isn’t that the point of a dreamboard?

Do you fantasize about traveling to exotic locals or even famous landmarks? You can pin photos taken by professional photographers and amateurs of those places.  Looking for ideas for a home project? Interior decorators have discovered this fabulous tool and are more than willing to share their tips and solutions.

The possibilities are endless…which is the very reason why I love to pin!

Pinterest is also great to connect with other like-minded dreamers.  You can share posts, even pin your own photographs!  There are many businesses now that are using it as another way to market, but you just skip past those and feast your eyes on the glorious pictures.

Check out Pinterest and let me know if you agree with me.  And you can even check out my boards at

And be sure to let me know about your boards – let’s see if we can pin together and create something magical!