What Does Your Dog Know (that you forgot)

Ever notice that your dog returns to love much faster than you? When your dog gets his feelings hurt (if you don’t believe dogs have feelings, this is the point where you jump to another blog post), he will instantly return to adoration the minute you make amends.

Do you do that – return to love after you release the hurt? Or do you hang onto your hurt and nurse it like a cold beverage on a hot day?

Drop the Leash3The more I paid attention to my dog, the more I realized that I could learn a lot about being love. That is why I decided to write, Drop the Leash: Let Go of the Past and Love in the Present.

The analogy of a leash hits home with many people. It’s one thing to put the leash on your dog to restrain him; quite another when you effectively “leash” your own growth because of your past, limiting stories.

One reader proclaimed that “This book will quickly become a standard ‘training manual’ in many circles…I have already begun flipping my view of the world…”

Drop the Leash is a tongue-in-cheek guide written by a human, as told by a dog, about the dog’s observations of humans. Playful, satirical and wise, the narrator is a sassy dog named Avatar who tells it like it is.

Another person suggested that “If we follow the loving examples of dogs, we can play and experience joy as we were meant to. This story truly touches the heart and a must read for anyone on a spiritual journey.”

To learn more about the book (and see my other products), please visit KathrynEriksen.com.

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3.

When Your Goal is Love

Goal LoveWe see what we want to see.

Choose to see love and that is what you will see.

It works all the time, without question.

Let me know what you see in the next few days and let’s dance!  #HeartDancing

Transform Agents Unite!

I have the privilege to be part of an incredible group of authors who have compiled one of the best collections of inspirational ideas, motivational moments and just sheer brilliance in one place.

Just click on the picture to enter a magical place of wonder, magic and joy.


Look for “Heart Dancing” toward the end of the book!

Please share – there is a wealth of wisdom abundance contained between these pages!

Stop Doing…Start Being

StopDoingThe world wants you to be in constant motion. Searching or buying the next big thing. Building your career. Starting a family. Buying a new car, house, purse or latest Starbuck’s creation. But in the constant motion of doing, is there is one question that seems to stop people in their tracks.

Who are you?

Are you the guy who works at a job he hates so he can collect the paycheck to pay the bills and support his family? Are you the  mother who holds onto her patience by the thinnest thread as her toddler throws food in a new game she just created? Or the high school or college student who stayed out too late last night chasing fun when you should have been getting a solid night’s sleep for today’s big exam.

Who are you?

We get so caught up in the doing that we forget about the being.

Our activities in the outside world seem to define us on the inside. And then we wonder why that shiny new car or job promotion didn’t make us happy. We have reversed the process and then get mad when it doesn’t work.

The key to a happy life is to stop doing and start being. Clarify and identify who you are in a particular situation, then go out into the world. Your inner identity guides your thoughts, beliefs and actions, not an advertising campaign designed to part you from your money.

Take time to listen to your heart, not your head. 

Once you plug into your Self, your life will change.

It has to, because your heart guides your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions, not your head. And that my friend, is a beautiful thing!

Reframe. Release. Renew. #HeartDancing

Mirror Work

I have been thinking a lot about mirrors and reflections lately. Maybe because the wrinkles seem to deepen oMirrorPhoton a moment’s notice, no matter how expensive of skin care I buy. Or that little bit of extra weight around my waist is more stubborn than a coffee/chocolate stain. (Hmmm…there may be a connection between the stain and the waist line!)

Back to the mirrors – Wikipedia defines a mirror as “an object that reflects light in a way that preserves much of its original quality subsequent to its contact with the mirror.” To put it another way, the purpose of the mirror is to reflect back what is before it.

When we were in Paris earlier this year, we went to the Palace of Versailles. The opulence of the entire palace was amazing, but it was the Hall of Mirrors where we had fun. Taking a picture of yourself in a century old mirror is the modern way to capture yourself in history!

But what if the mirror is distorted and you don’t realize it? What if you assume that you are looking at a true reflection of yourself, when anyone else can see that you are standing in front of a fun house mirror? Based on your assumption, you would believe that the elongated image in front of you is really how you look.

We can’t see ourselves without a mirror.

It is vital to know if your reflection is clear or distorted.

A mirror can be an inanimate object or another person. Either way, distortions can be present without your awareness. For example, if you surround yourself with negative friends, who complain about everything, watch how long it takes for you to adopt that same perspective. The negativity and complaints become the mirror in which you see yourself.

The child who has convinced himself that he has no friends will not act worthy of friendship. The adult who caves into herself at the slightest whiff of criticism does not act confident. The coach who thinks winning is the only thing will not tolerate ineptitude. The list goes on and on and is as varied as the 7 billion people on the planet.

Your beliefs are a mirror that

reflect you back to yourself.

But they are so much harder to see!

MirrorsWhen you set up one mirror to reflect another mirror, you create what could be considered an infinite view. But consider the impact of each person reflecting back the person standing before them, and you begin to see why communication and trust can get so screwed up. Especially when the “mirror” being used by people is really the beliefs that they have created about themselves and their place in the world!

The astonishing news is that, unlike inanimate objects, we can refine or reframe our belief creations. The first place to start is to discover the beliefs that hold us back and change them.

Maybe, just maybe that new wrinkle in the mirror carries a different message?

Kathryn EriksenFINAL

Story Alchemy

Have you ever stopped to realize that you can’t see into your own eyes…without looking into something else? Whether it is a photograph that captured you in a moment in time, or looking into a mirror, you can’t see yourself without another physical object or person.

Your physical sight is designed to take outward images and convert them into energetic impulses that your physical brain can interpret. The actual process of how this occurs is well documented. But what does your mind do with the images that your brain collects?

Now that is another question altogether.

Metaphysics distinguishes between the brain and the mind. Your brain is the physical object that sits inside your skull. Your mind has been called “consciousness” and thought. So why does this matter?

Because your brain acts like a recording device. Whatever it sees through the visual process, it collects and records. In one sense, it is mechanical because it will do its job whether you are conscious of it or not (just like your heart continues beating and your blood circulates automatically).Mirror Images

But your mind – that is a different story. Think of your mind as a projector.

What does it project?

The stories and beliefs you have created about yourself and the events, people and circumstances your life.

If you believe that you are not likeable, for example, that belief is projected from your mind as you move throughout your day. The millions of bits of data that is available to you is never seen, because it is filtered by your belief of being unlikable. Therefore, you only see the data that supports that belief.

In a very real sense, you project what you believe and look for evidence that your story or belief is “true.” And you will keep projecting that belief and finding supporting evidence until you change the story and the underlying beliefs.

So how do you ever change your beliefs? Is it even possible?

The answer is Of Course!

Learning how to transform your beliefs and stories is the subject of my latest book, Heart Dancing: A Story Alchemy Adventure. I will provide more information about the book and the launch date in the next few weeks.

Why change your stories and beliefs? Because you were meant to dance with life, not fight it or feel small. The Story Alchemy Process can help transform those negative beliefs from lead to gold, so you move through your day with grace and ease. Instead of your projections being in conflict with your authentic self, they are in harmony. Life is peaceful, meaningful and filled with joy and love.

Isn’t that a better way to live?

The other side benefit is that people naturally change when you change. As you alchemize your limiting beliefs and stories, your relationship with yourself heals. And that is projected outward to your relationship with other people.

The ripple effects are unpredictable and immeasurable!

Reframe. Release. Renew.