In my work, I meet fascinating people who are helping others realize their happiness and bliss. In January, I met Miriam Castilla at an event and my life has not been the same.

Miriam is one of those effervescent women who light up the room. Her lovely voice, accented by an Aussie flair, is just one clue to who she is: a woman who has walked through hard times and not only survived, but thrived.Today's Woman

When she looked back over her life and realized how she created a life she loves, Miriam decided to write a book to share her insights with other women. Today’s Woman – Life Balance Secrets is the result, and it is powerful, practical and pragmatic.

Lean in now and listen to our conversation on Heart Dancing Radio, as we talk about life, love and Miriam’s two prong approach to living well.

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Spiritual Fuel

“Your body is your vehicle for great awakening, treat it with great care” –Buddah

How many weight loss resolutions have your broken by the first week of the new year? Are you in that stage now, berating yourself for your lack of will power and focus?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Diets, by their design, are restrictive. Deprivation and negativity are hallmarks. And many diets actually work against your body, triggering it’s survival mode. Holding on to every bit of calories and stored fat, because when you are on a diet, you can actually starve yourself.

It’s like filling your car up with water and expecting it to run smoothly (or to start at all).

Unlike a car, your body has its own natural intelligence. It knows how to realign and center, but it needs your help. Your body is designed to operate flawlessly, seamlessly and effortlessly. It just needs the right fuel. (Hint: the fuel is different than what you think it is).

F.U.E.L is not the food you eat or the calories you consume. Spiritual F.U.E.L. is:

Empower Your Health Webinar2

It All Starts When You Live From the Inside-Out

Your health can be seen from an entirely new perspective. Instead of counting calories and feeling deprived, why not take time to be still, go within and discover that you are O.K. (just by being here on the planet). Focusing on living from the inside-out will profoundly change your outlook, yourself, your relationships and your health. For example:

  • Reconnect with your Source and the negative emotions that may drive you to eat poorly disappear.
  • Realize your innate value as a human being; the insecurities that make a chocolate molten meltdown look like it’s your last meal dissolve into nothing. You can still eat the dessert, but you will enjoy it as a treat, not as an attempt to heal your pain.
  • Renew yourself as a holistic being, making self-care critical in your daily life. Meditation, yoga, reading inspirational materials and eating mindfully are just some of the action items that fall into this category.

When you shift your focus from the outer world to your interior landscape, everything falls into place. Your thoughts stop swirling, your emotions settle and you discover what you have always known (but may have forgotten).

“You Are Valuable. You Are Valued. You Are Loved.”

How great would it be to live from that place? Knowing that your worth is guaranteed and that you are enough, right here…right now.

If this message caught your attention and made you wonder, why don’t you join me on Monday, January 11, 2016 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. cst for a live webinar? You may find the answers you have been searching for, but didn’t know where to look.

Empower Your Health Webinar

Let’s dance together toward a new way of being. 

Just think how grand the world would be if only a few people started living from the inside-out!

Thank you and Be Well.

Do You Have an Open Mind?

Readers Muse just wrote an insightful review of Heart Dancing. As an author, it is sometimes difficult to read others’ words and opinions about your work.image

But I didn’t write Heart Dancing to be just a pleasant read. My overall motivation was to shake you, (the reader), awake to the enormous potential of your life and the choices you make in every moment.

Your reaction to the “shaking up” may be to set down the book and move on. And that is perfectly fine. It’s just not the right time for you. But if you can set aside your skepticism…a glimmer of “something more” may shine into your awareness.

Dhivya Balaji from Readers Muse got that point loud and clear. She cautions anyone who thinks this is just another “feel good” story, when she says, “Having an open mind while reading the book is essential for any reader to get through each chapter.”

Thank you Dhivya, for your honest and detailed review of Heart Dancing. It truly does depend on your perspective!

To learn more about my work, please visit I am hosting a Virtual Dance Party at the end of this month – the only way to learn more about it is to join my email list. Hope to see you there!

In that Breath…Creation Is

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow.

Our life is the creation of our mind.  — Buddha

What do I want to create today?

Ask yourself that question just after you wake up and you are in that in-between space of dreaming and slipping back into your body. It’s that moment when you could slip back into sleep for a bit longer, or start your day.

Treasure that moment in time, because you are at your most creative in that breath.

Your thoughts are the purist… in that breath.

Your desires and dreams are just a tick away…in that breath.

Your emotions are chosen…in that breath.

So choose well and choose with love.

Breathe in your goodness and light and exhale your acknowledgment of all that is good.

Know that you are supported in whatever you choose…

because the Universe has a crush on you.

Let your day begin!UniverseCrush







Make 2013 the Year of Miracles!

As the world spins to a new year, what intention have you set for yourself? Are you going to be more prosperous? Or improve your physical health? Or make more time for loved ones?  All of these goals are fulfilling and beneficial, but may I suggest another layer to add on top of your personal intentions?

Declare that 2013 will be your year of miracles.

What is a miracle? I am not using this word in the religious sense, so please do not click out of this article if you had a negative reaction. The use of this word is more practical and can be easily implemented in the activities of your everyday life.

A miracle is simply a change in perception.  A different way of looking at things.  A new lens, if you will, that you see through before you make a judgment or decision about something or someone.  Sounds simple, right?

The process of living your life as a miracle is as simple or as complex as you make it.  You are “at cause” for everything that happens in your life.  Not “those people,” not the “boogey man,” just— you.  Once you accept that simple truth as a fact, the next realization is that you can change your life if you are not happy.  But how?

That is where the concept of miracles comes in.  You change your perception of an event so that you feel better, happier, more peaceful.  There is a step by step process to this idea of miracles, which is explained more in my book, Dance with the Divine, available at Amazon  A short description of the process follows.

If there is a certain type of situation that always makes you angry, step out of your emotions and look objectively at the trigger.  Was it a comment from your parents about money? Was it a late notice for a bill that  you forgot, or couldn’t pay?  Whatever triggered your reaction, once you bring it to light, you can decide to change the only thing that you have control of — your reaction.

It helps to remember that all facts and events are neutral, until you intrepret them and give them meaning.  Once a neutral event takes on meaning, your reactions to that meaning define your life.  Since it was you who gave the original, neutral event meaning – you defined what it meant to you – only you can change it.  And that is how miracles occur, one changed thought at a time.

Let’s raise our hands and pledge that we will change our “meanings” and be happier, healthier individuals.  The ripple effects from one changed person can spread far and wide, in unimaginable ways, to the far corners of the world.  One person’s light, shining brightly and shared freely, without fear or expectation of return, can be the source of inspiration and love for all.

Won’t you be that light? Together, let’s make 2013 the Year of Miracles!

May the dawn of a new year bring you much joy and peace.

Step Out of Your Story and Into Your Life

As a child, I loved to hear and read stories. Mythical creatures with magical powers, Kings and Queens and their children (of course I was the Princess!) and the Knights of the Round Table.  How I loved to read about King Arthur and his Camelot.  But for some reason, I always identified with the person who was betrayed, the victim of the story, never the victor.

As an adult, I fell away from fairy tales and into “reality.” School, work, marriage, family and aging parents took all of my attention and energy.  Little did I realize that I still lived in stories, except now they were my very own creation, instead of tales from ages past.

My “stories” were the judgments I passed on the events of my life. Based on past experience and beliefs that had not seen the light of day in quite some time, the decisions I made about the meaning of difficult situations determined my future.  Hurt, anger or resentment soured many a moment.

Little did I realize how much my thoughts about what someone said or did colored my world and my reaction. I played the role of victim well, always ready to leap to a martyr’s death at a moment’s notice. Swooning was also part of my repertoire (just kidding). Dramatic scenes of anger, rage and resentment played consistently on my stage.  And behind the curtain, I always felt that someone else was pulling my strings, the puppeteer always just out of sight.

It was not until I stumbled upon the concept that things happen for you, not to you, that my world began to shift on its axis. When I discovered that I had the power to change my thoughts, which directly impacted my world, I felt like I had been given the keys to a wonderful kingdom.  Out with the dragons! Gone are the lions and tigers and bears! Destroy the goblins of fear, the worry warts and the sad sack of chips on my shoulder that forever stood in the way of my relationships.  I was free!

Until the moment they returned again. And again.

How disheartening to think that a magic wand can make it all go away…and it all came back, stronger than before.  What was wrong with me?  That question plagued me for some time, until I discovered that I had asked the wrong question, which was guaranteed to lead always to the wrong answer (or the right answer to the wrong question, if that makes any sense).

The right question (no judgment intended) is to ask, “What am I supposed to learn from this?” Or put another way, “Who Am I in Relation to That?”  Either question is guaranteed to direct your attention away from the problem and back to you, defining your place in relation to the event or circumstance.

In a very real sense, you step out of your story for a brief moment and decide who you want to be (given those circumstances before you). Then, you step back into your story with that decision firmly in your mind.  While you cannot control the final outcome, you gain a much richer understanding of yourself as you move through that particular set of circumstances.

You will discover, as I did, that in the end, you retain your power to define who you are.  The “puppet on a string” syndrome is gone forever. The victim mentality no longer works for you, because you realize you are never a victim unless you allow it.  In fact, you discover that you are the choreographer, producer and star of your own “Dancing with the Stars.”

And you have a new partner in your dance with life.  The Divine.

The Dance of Life

TimesSquareWhat would your life look like if you knew how to dance? Who would you be? How would you express joy and gratitude?  That may sound implausible in the world of recessions, lay offs and The Hunger Games, but that does not mean it is not possible.

Life is a dance, whether you want to admit it or not.  You dance with your ambitions, your family or loved ones; you dance with your demons and your angels; you dance with your worries and fears.  You mind is engaged in an endless dance of “what if” or “why didn’t I just…”

Why not dance with your dreams instead?

“Wait a minute,” you cry in distress.  “How can I dance with my dreams when I am so caught up with my life?”

And that is exactly the problem – what you consider to be “your life.”  Does your definition of life include defined dreams, imagined success and joy mixed together?  If not, then your “life” is somewhat limited and narrowly defined.

Do you look at your life as if you were faced with continual problems and dilemmas? Or do you see your way to more opportunity and adventure? Whatever lens you place on your awareness will filter out everything except for the setting of the lens.  Want more negative things in your life? Then look for the negative.  Want more positive events to occur? Then expect and look for them.  Your focus and vision determines what the lens allows into your awareness.Opportunity

Sometimes you have to take two steps back to move three steps forward (cha-cha, anyone?)  A dance is a fluid movement between many points, in a disciplined way that expresses beauty.  If you encounter an obstacle or don’t move in quite the right way, the dance moves on and soon the mistake is long forgotten.  You join the endless cycle of creation by aligning your thoughts in this way.

In every moment, ask yourself if you want to join the dance of pain or the dance of love.  It is always up to you…and the possibilities are endless for either pain or growth.  When you inquire before you decide, your life will begin to take on a deliberate nature that will soon manifest before your eyes.  The cycle of creation always starts with the “lens” that you choose to look through.

Care to dance?


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Kathryn Eriksen is the perfect example of a person who has “awakened” to her own spiritual nature.  Raised in a traditional home, she chose the traditional path of college and a legal career.  After 23 years of practicing law, it slowly dawned on her that life did not have to be filled with competition, adversity and limitations.  A zealous advocate for her clients, Kathryn now uses those same highly developed communication skills, laser beam focus and high octane energy to be an advocate for a much higher client – God!

A published author, Kathryn is the author of Dance with the Divine, A GuiDance Story , available at   An inspirational novel, DWTD tells the story of Haven Hartt, a troubled teenager who must decide if she will chose fear or love when faced with a family crisis.  As you observe Haven’s choices, you will find yourself applying the lessons to your own life.  No matter what your age, “Dance with the Divine” is an uplifting step-by-step guide to forgiving the past and stepping forward into your heritage as a child of God. You will be transformed by the powerful lessons shared of living life as if it were a dance and the Divine was your dance partner.