Dance With the Divine

My latest book has been published – without fanfare, a publishing contract or an agent!  In the amazing new world of on-line publishing, anyone can write a book and have it transformed into an e-book, at no cost.  Unbelievably easy to do, and you are instantly available to anyone who either has a Kindle or can sit and read in front of a computer.

Dance With the Divine is the first in the GuiDance Series of spiritual fiction.  If the book were printed on paper, the back of the book would read something like this:

Dance with the Divine is a book of profound spiritual truths as revealed to an angry and rebellious teenager. The most common questions that have plagued humans for centuries are confronted by a troubled 13 year old whose family has been torn apart by guilt, shame and despair.

  • Why am I here?
  • What purpose do I have in my life?
  • Why do bad things happen to good people?

The answers may surprise you.  The knowledge imparted by this slim piece of spiritual fiction will intrigue you.  But the profound nature of spiritual truths that resonate in this story will be instantly recognized by your very soul.

Dance With the Divine is a guide to living a life of love, peace, joy and gratitude.  A simple instruction booklet for beginners to learn the steps of the greatest dance of all –how to create your very own dance with the Divine.

If you are intrigued, curious, or just want to know more, please visit the Kindle store on and check it out.  And if you buy and read the book, could you also write a review on Amazon? I will gladly repay the favor —



Create Your Life By Design

How often do you think about the design of your life?  The structure and form that defines your life is greatly influenced by choices you have made – in the past, in the present, and in the future.  Are you satisfied with your life as it stands?

If the answer is an emphatic “NO!” then you have some work to do.  The first step is to realize that it is Your work, and no one else’s.  It is your hand holding the paint brush and your hand that chooses the colors, texture, lines and form that are painted on the canvas of your life.

Are you with me so far?  You are responsible for you.  Your choices, your mistakes, your grievances, your story.  Stop blaming others for your decisions and start living your life.

There are a myriad of methods to stop the victim mindset.  Check out the 13 steps described in Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping (  Another great book about integrating and healing your past is by Debbie Ford, called The Dark Side of the Light Chasers(  Both websites offer online coursesthat you take at your own pace and fit into your schedule.

Paint brushes

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The tools are out there.  The real question is…do you want to give up your victim mindset and expand into unexplored territory?  Or would you rather stay stuck in an unhappy life so you can complain about it?

Your answer will determine your path and your spiritual development.  Victimhood and spiritual growth cannot occur in the same space, because they are the antithesis of each other.  It truly is your choice.

As Tom Carpenter so eloquently said:

When forgiveness ends the need to judge and conflict and condemnation both have gone away, there is a stillness that fills my mind. This I know is the Peace of God. When I am here, all the world is here with me and I recognize this is the goal we all have sought, no matter how it may have looked. It is the single purpose for our learning, the very function of our lives. For it is here—filled by this stillness—I, we finally feel at home. 

You are the painter of your life – choose wisely!

Forgiveness is the Door to Happiness

Forgiveness is the door to happiness.

That statement is contrary to popular belief and cultural norms.  We are so focused on who is right that we have forgotten our greater purpose…to forgive so we can be happy.

The opposite of forgiveness is judgement.  And in every moment we take a breath, we have a choice between the two.  They cannot co-exist in the same space and time.  They are mutually exclusive…and available to all of us in every single heart beat.

As Rickey Minor noted in his book, There is No Traffic on the Extra Mile,

“What does not have truth or integrity to it has nothing to feed on but itself.”

Judgement feeds on itself.  It fosters and encourages anger, resentment, pain and intolerance.  It separates us by pointing out differences.  Judgement is a path we choose and one that eventually leads downward to destruction.  It feeds on itself.

Forgiveness creates more.  It does not tear down but builds up.  Forgiveness based on acceptance and love encourages more acceptance and love.  It is the other path we choose and one that will lead upward to happiness and a much closer relationship with God.

Ask yourself today, when faced with a situation that upsets you, whether you would rather be right, or happy.  If being right is important to you, then judge away.  But if you consider the other times in the past when you have made the same choice, did it ever bring happiness?  If the answer is no, then you might want to consider the other choice – forgiveness.

Chose to be a creator, not a destroyer.  Chose love and forgiveness instead of judgement and fear.

And when you make the choice to forgive, start with the one person who needs its the most.


What is a “God Wink”?

Recently, I came across a small, compact book about Christian living in the most unlikely place – a Dollar General store!  They carry books from Thomas Nelson, the big Christian publisher.  The copyrights may be several years old, but the wisdom that flows from these pages is timeless.

I just finished reading a book by Squire Rushnell called “When God Winks at You.”  He has collected stories over the years about coincidences, that he believes are really winks from God.  In Squire’s opinion (and mine), God is just waiting for you to ask him for help, so He can let you know He is thinking about you.

As Squire says, “Every time you receive what some call a coincidence or an answered prayer, it’s a direct and personal message of reassurance from God to you – what I call a godwink.”

Has that ever happened to you? Something so unbelievable that it can’t be explained except by calling it a “godwink.”  (Let me know so I can write about it!)

This book is full of amazing stories that will leave you breathless in wonder.  After reading “When God Winks at You,” you will be filled with the desire to look for all the “godwinks” in your life that happen right before your eyes!

The Solution Lies Within

The solutions to the problems before us isn’t more money or fewer difficult people in our lives, because the only real problem is disconnection from God. Solutions come as we connect with a higher level of thinking and knowing. When we lift ourselves in connection with God, an entirely new realm of thought becomes available to us.    —-Mary Manin Morrissey

For many, the search for happiness and peace starts with what is happening in your life – the people, events, and circumstances in which you live. The external world, if you will.  But you will never be satisfied by anything in the outside if you are not balanced on the inside.

How do you obtain inner balance? You first have to withdraw your attention from the external world, stop your mind by mediation or prayer, and just…be.  Listen to the small, still voice that is always trying to communicate with you, but you can’t hear it because of all the chattering noise that fills your head.  When you stop the noise and just listen, you will discover that most miraculous thing of all – that God has been waiting for you to just stop and listen!  

He has been waiting for you to open yourself and say “Yes!”

Practice remembering God.  Remember Him in the small, mundane details of your life and you will discover a secret known throughout the ages – He cares about it all!  Because He loves you – the complete, unadulterated, unfiltered, unpolished you.  Want to know why?  It is very simple – He made you. And the Creator of all things does not hate what He created!

So don’t look outside for the next new thing to solve your problems.  Go within and listen.  God is waiting to help you, but you have to open the door to let Him in.

Is Your Life a Miracle?

“There are two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  — Albert Einstein

One of the most brilliant minds of all times clarified the choice we all must make, every moment we are awake and conscious.  This simple philosophy condenses millions of words, thoughts and ideas about the human condition into one question:  “How am I going to react to this?”

It is almost like a door that is always open before us.  We stand before the door questioning ourselves, our value and our purpose.  But we are still drawn inexplicably to what lies on the other side.  We cling to our physical sensations, memories of the past controlling our decisions today.  And still we are called to step through…

What lies on the other side of the door?  A spiritual connection to God. A sense of oneness with the Universe.  A joyful experience of ourselves as spiritual beings living in a physical world.  The knowledge that everything is a miracle.

So what are you going to chose today?  To see life as nothing, or everything?