The Light Changed Today

The earth spins silently around the sun, revolving from day to night then day in the eternal celestial dance. The sun shines on all parts of the earth equally, without reservation or discernment. It also shines on all humans equally, no matter their color, culture or creed.

There is a special place created by man in 1260 that filters the sunlight through pictures and stories. This building is actually the fourth one to stand on this site, all dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus. For more than 1,700 years, pilgrims have traveled to the Cathedral in Chartres, France to show their devotion to Mary and be blessed by her.

Pushing open the heavy wooden door and walking into the gloom of the interior, my eyes take a moment to adjust. Even thought I cannot discern details of the interior, I sense a vast space rising above me, seemingly to infinity.

Slowly, my eyes adjust to the gloom and I feel small, insignificant, in the face of so much space. What can hold me together so I don’t spin apart?

The stained glass windows. They hold the key to emptiness. They give meaning to my life, don’t they?

Sunlight from a zillion miles away filters through the glass, coloring the floor in colors of red, umber, green and gold. These pieces of color are assembled to tell the story of creation, destruction and the coming of the one who will save us from ourselves. The story of Christianity is told in these panes of glass, 1,100 of them.

It isn’t the minute details that fascinate me, but the sense of reverence that permeates the air. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims have traveled to this spot to adore Mary, the mother of Jesus. They have walked these stones in their bare feet or with sandals that are worn through, taking one more step to reach their dream.

To see the Shroud of Mary that is encased in the far left corner of this magnificent Cathedral.

As I stand in front of the chapel, looking at the shroud, I can’t help but think of how many people have done the same thing. How many others have felt the energy of this simple piece of cloth that Mary wore while she was giving birth to Jesus?

The sunlight is filtered by the stain glass above the shroud. It filters the light through the stories told on its surface. It struck me that I was being educated by the people who created this art.

I continued to the opposite side of the Cathedral, passing several other alcoves and places of worship. Until I saw it on the floor, as if it were waiting for me.

A single beam of light, shining through a piece of clear glass. There were no stories filtering the light, just a clear opening for it to shine in all of its brilliance.

I stood in the pool of divine light and felt loved by God. In the place of a million stories (told in the stained glass and in the hearts of all who had ever set foot in this building), God found me. And he loved me, without my having to do anything but allow his love to flow into my heart.

The light changed for me in that moment. Accepting the gift, I now step forward. To join the celestial dance of love.

The Heart Dance.

When you know you are loved for who you are, not who you think you should be. When you know that you are enough, because you are loved for who you are. When you are seen and loved, just as you are, in this moment.

Why don’t you step into the pool of light unfiltered by stories, and join the dance?

The Miracle Worker Mantra

A mantra is defined by Wikipedia as “a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of “creating transformation.”  Before I share the Miracle Worker Mantra, you should understand what a “Miracle Worker” is and what they do in the real world.

When I refer to “miracles,” I do not mean a religious or supernatural kind of event.  Walking on water and healing the sick will remain sacred Miracles that demonstrate Divine Intervention.  Wonderfully inspiring, faith producing Miracles are best left to those capable of creating such majestic events.

For me, a “miracle” is much more mundane and personal.  In the context of this article, it simply means a shift or change in perspective.  Nothing magical or other worldly, just an alteration in your thoughts about a past event or person that opens your heart to love.

Think of it asPresents! a gift to yourself. The gift remains inside the box, wrapped in paper of your own choosing.  When you respond with anger or  resentment, the wrapping paper is dark and dense.  When you react with acceptance and love, the paper becomes transparent and it is much easier for you to be aware of the gift, glowing eternally and waiting to be remembered.

Just what is the “gift”?  It is the one immutable truth that remains real throughout the Ages.  It is true for all people born in flesh.  It remains part of your DNA and it can never be lost, stolen or changed, no matter how much you have messed up or how much pain you have caused someone else.

Think of the gift as your Divine Nature Aligned (DNA).  You could no more change the molecular structure of your DNA than you could alter the gift. Both come from the same source and both are immutable, unalterable and real.  Accept that fact and your perspective will shift from fear to love.  The gift is simply stated and easily remembered:

You were created in love by God.

The logic is simple. If you were created in love by God, then so was everyone else.  Every person who has ever walked the planet has DNA as part of their physical body. No one can change their own DNA (Divine Nature Aligned) and they certainly cannot change another person’s DNA. Therefore, the person you are so angry with or fearful of has the same Divine Nature that you do.  They just don’t remember it.  A Miracle Worker does remember it, in every situation.

A Miracle Worker sees beyond the surface of things and remains open to the possibility that she cannot know, really know, the motivation or reasons that prompt a person to behave badly. A Miracle Worker allows the other person to misbehave, without reacting or criticizing. She understands that forgiveness in the moment is the best response and the least likely to enrage or engage the other person.

This technique may sound difficult until you begin using the Miracle Worker Mantra.  Simple to remember, easy to employ, when you train yourself to think of the mantra in any uncomfortable situation, you will begin to think like a Miracle Worker.

The mantra does not give away your power, nor does it demand recompense for a perceived wrong.  Instead, the Miracle Worker Mantra reminds you that you always have a choice about how you react to any situation.  It does not matter how awful the other person is to you; it is your choice on how you respond – with anger (which only increases the potential volatility) or with love (which expands both participants).

Without further ado, here is mantra: when you are faced with a situation that causes your heart to race, or your breathing to become short and shallow, tell yourself the following:

“I can see this differently.”

The mantra works best when it is said with love and openness. Step out of the situation for a brief moment, take a deep breath and gently remind yourself that you have a choice in how you react or behave. Assure yourself that you are loved and in loving yourself, you love the other person.  In that frame of mind, you then step back into the scene and “see this differently.”

The marvelous part of this entire process is that when you become a Miracle Worker, your life is forever changed.  Instead of frustration or anger, you feel only peace and love.  From that standpoint you react differently, which sends out ripples of change to those you encounter. They respond differently to your shifted response, and the cycle of love continues.

Come to think of it, maybe my mundane definition of miracles should include transformation after all!




You are a Miracle Worker (You Just Don’t Remember!)

Mirror Images“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as though everything is a miracle.”     Albert Einstein

Miracles are mysterious, unexplainable and inspiring because of their shroud of supernatural power. A miracle is defined by Wikipedia as “an event of divine intervention.”  When I speak of “miracles,” I am not referring to Divine intervention or an interruption in the laws of nature.  No, I will leave those discussions to the theologians and philosophers. My mission is to help everyday people, living their everyday lives, learn how to use miracles to see themselves more clearly.

To me, a “miracle” is also a shift or change in perception.  It is because of that shift that unseen limits are removed, self-imposed bars are lifted and you are finally free to live your life the way you choose.  Instead of your life being governed by someone else’s standards, it is bracketed by your own.  The miracle happens when you remember who you are and what is important to you, and your decisions are based on those guideposts.

Every person alive on the planet has the ability to shift their perceptions and change the meaning that they have placed on events. The ability to shift perception to love and healing and away from limitation and anger is inate in all of us, waiting to be activated.  My mission is to help you activate your abilities to view yourself and your life in new ways that grow and expand your perceptions of your self and your world.

To learn more, please  visit website, and search for me as Messenger 110.  You will be taken to my webpage, where you fill find the video I created that explains more about why you are a miracle worker.  It is part of the “Are You a Messenger” project, which will ultimately end with 10 Messengers being filmed as part of a movie of the same name.

If you are inspired by my video, please vote for me or leave a comment.  Sharing the video message with your social network is also a great way to support the project and spread the message of empowerment and love.  It will also help remind others that they can change their lives by changing their thoughts about it.

What a miracle that would be!


Make 2013 the Year of Miracles!

As the world spins to a new year, what intention have you set for yourself? Are you going to be more prosperous? Or improve your physical health? Or make more time for loved ones?  All of these goals are fulfilling and beneficial, but may I suggest another layer to add on top of your personal intentions?

Declare that 2013 will be your year of miracles.

What is a miracle? I am not using this word in the religious sense, so please do not click out of this article if you had a negative reaction. The use of this word is more practical and can be easily implemented in the activities of your everyday life.

A miracle is simply a change in perception.  A different way of looking at things.  A new lens, if you will, that you see through before you make a judgment or decision about something or someone.  Sounds simple, right?

The process of living your life as a miracle is as simple or as complex as you make it.  You are “at cause” for everything that happens in your life.  Not “those people,” not the “boogey man,” just— you.  Once you accept that simple truth as a fact, the next realization is that you can change your life if you are not happy.  But how?

That is where the concept of miracles comes in.  You change your perception of an event so that you feel better, happier, more peaceful.  There is a step by step process to this idea of miracles, which is explained more in my book, Dance with the Divine, available at Amazon  A short description of the process follows.

If there is a certain type of situation that always makes you angry, step out of your emotions and look objectively at the trigger.  Was it a comment from your parents about money? Was it a late notice for a bill that  you forgot, or couldn’t pay?  Whatever triggered your reaction, once you bring it to light, you can decide to change the only thing that you have control of — your reaction.

It helps to remember that all facts and events are neutral, until you intrepret them and give them meaning.  Once a neutral event takes on meaning, your reactions to that meaning define your life.  Since it was you who gave the original, neutral event meaning – you defined what it meant to you – only you can change it.  And that is how miracles occur, one changed thought at a time.

Let’s raise our hands and pledge that we will change our “meanings” and be happier, healthier individuals.  The ripple effects from one changed person can spread far and wide, in unimaginable ways, to the far corners of the world.  One person’s light, shining brightly and shared freely, without fear or expectation of return, can be the source of inspiration and love for all.

Won’t you be that light? Together, let’s make 2013 the Year of Miracles!

May the dawn of a new year bring you much joy and peace.

Your Creation Formula

Ever wonder how we create our lives?  Or do you believe that you have nothing to do with how your life looks right now?  For the purposes of this short article, I will assume that you have seen the movie, “The Secret” or that you know about the “thoughts become things” approach to life that is described by Mike Dooley in his various books or at his website (

You do realize that time and space are illusions, don’t you?  We are here inside time and space to be creators, and see how that plays out in the mists of time and space.  We are the beginning of the creation timeline, not the end.

We are the cause, not the effect.

Creation always begins with the end in mind.  The “end” or final result is created first in your imagination, then you take action to move towards it.  It becomes physical and manifested when the Universe moves to bring the energy, forces, people and events together to bring it out into physical reality.

The Creation Formula is the following:

  1. Imagine the result, feel it, believe in it.
  2. Take action toward it – you have to be on the playing field to kick the ball.
  3. Allow the Universe to do its job – it will take care of the “hows”

Try it yourself.  Imagine a result you desire.  Take the time to feel the energy of you receiving that result.  Imagine the consequences of the result being manifested, then take action – some action – towards your end result.  Logic or reasoning is good as long as it does not make you detour from your end goal.  Just don’t get too caught up in the “hows” or you will be stepping on the Universe’s toes.

The deliciousness of life is that you decide what you want, but you have no way to predict how it will come to you.  Life is here to support your journey.

As long as you don’t get in the way.

Its like going into the rental store and choosing a movie – is it a romantic comedy or a spy thriller?  Action adventure or a family movie?  You choose what movie you want to see, but you don’t know the intricacies of the plot, the dialogue or events until you watch the movie.  It is the not knowing that keeps you entertained and engaged.

Life is just like that – you choose the general outline and what you want to experience.  But the Universe delivers it to you – always unpredictably but always perfectly for what you want to accomplish or experience.

There is a greater force that supports you!  God loves you and helps you in your creations.  If you choose to be negative, he will support you.  If you choose to be positive, same support.  God does not judge what you choose – you do!  You have the freedom to choose whatever you want – and you will be supported in your choice.

So why not choose deliberately and well?  Why not become who you are?  Why not just BE the you that you came to experience?  Stop playing games and get on with it.

The Burr in God’s Hand

Have you ever stopped to consider the perfection of a snowflake?  Or the artfulness of a sunrise or sunset? What about why a burr sticks to fur?

At first glance these experiences do not seem to share anything.  What does design perfection and magnificent color have to share with a common burr that only irritates?

Nothing from our point of view.  Everything from God‘s.

This point was brought home to me yesterday, when I came across a wonderful blog by Maggie LR (  She took a macro lens and photographed a burr.  The image is so clear that you can see what makes a burr stick — it actually has hooks on the end of each slender leaf!  Take a minute and click over to her blog, but don’t forget to come back here!

Are you back?  Wasn’t that amazing?  There are so many different ways I could write this article, just based on those images.  For now, I will just point out that God’s hand is in the profound and the mundane.  Ask for awareness to see the details and your appreciation of the whole will explode.

If something irritates you (like a burr) take a moment to consider how God’s hand is at work.  The rain that you complain about may be just the moisture a farmer needs to grow his crops.  The slow clerk in the checkout line may be just the pause you need in a busy day to step back into awareness of Self.  When you step back from the situation and look within, you will be amazed at the change in your thoughts and emotions.

Irritation can become a sign post – to stop and step out of the situation for a moment.

When you realize that part of the burr’s function is to hook onto whatever moves past it, so it can be spread to another area, the irritation you might feel when you find one clinging to your clothes can turn into appreciation for God’s handiwork.  Your perspective can change in an instant, but only you can make it shift to a happier and more joyous space.  Change irritation to joy and your life will never be the same.

Always remember, you are safe in God’s hand (just don’t step on the burrs).

You Are My Mirror

        Have you ever noticed that what triggers annoyance in you about other people is really something that you need to work on yourself?  It is almost as if we project our worst selves onto other people, so that we do not have to resolve it IN ourselves.

For example, if you are a super organized person and you happen to live with someone who rarely makes the bed, you are going to have conflicts.  Without a doubt, it is a sure bet.  So what do you do about it?

The first thing is to recognize that your belief that organization is critical to a happy and contented life…is truly your belief – it belongs to you.  If the other person does not hold that belief, then conflict is insured when you try to impose your belief on them.  The reality is that you are living with a person who has a different belief about orderliness than you.  There is no good or bad in that difference.  There is only the difference.  Trying to convert them to your way of thinking is a recipe for disaster (as I am sure you have already discovered).

So what to do?

This is a great time to do your own work, on yourself.  Why do you believe that organization is as essential as breathing? What agreements did you make in the past that you now equate with this belief?  Keep asking yourself these questions without criticism or judgment.  It is almost as if you are an archeologist on an exciting dig to discover the long lost key to your present behavior.  Maintain a sense of objectivity about the exploration, and I guarantee you will eventually discover the root cause of your belief.  At the end of the day, it is always the same answer.


When you think over your childhood, did you use organization as a way to control your world? Was security somehow tied into how you made your bed or how clean your room was? Did you only receive approval from your parents if you were neat, orderly and well-mannered?

If this simple example rings true for you, please check out the following website:  http://www.The  The central

Cover of "Who Would You Be Without Your S...

Byron Katie

question asked in the process described by Byron Katie is this:  “Who would you be without your story?”  She has created four questions that lead you into self-exploration of your beliefs, and leads you out of the need to cling to your story.  Peace and freedom are the end result.

No one can discover these sponsoring beliefs except for you.  Only you lived through your life.  Only you made the choice to believe that one is better than another.  And only you can decide that if your past choice no longer holds true for you today, that it is time to choose again.

Release the beliefs that hold you back, and you will see what you really are – an innocent kitten who is blameless and who just wants to grow up to her full potential.

Thank you for being my mirror.  Without you, I would not see what I need to see in myself.

Dance With the Divine

My latest book has been published – without fanfare, a publishing contract or an agent!  In the amazing new world of on-line publishing, anyone can write a book and have it transformed into an e-book, at no cost.  Unbelievably easy to do, and you are instantly available to anyone who either has a Kindle or can sit and read in front of a computer.

Dance With the Divine is the first in the GuiDance Series of spiritual fiction.  If the book were printed on paper, the back of the book would read something like this:

Dance with the Divine is a book of profound spiritual truths as revealed to an angry and rebellious teenager. The most common questions that have plagued humans for centuries are confronted by a troubled 13 year old whose family has been torn apart by guilt, shame and despair.

  • Why am I here?
  • What purpose do I have in my life?
  • Why do bad things happen to good people?

The answers may surprise you.  The knowledge imparted by this slim piece of spiritual fiction will intrigue you.  But the profound nature of spiritual truths that resonate in this story will be instantly recognized by your very soul.

Dance With the Divine is a guide to living a life of love, peace, joy and gratitude.  A simple instruction booklet for beginners to learn the steps of the greatest dance of all –how to create your very own dance with the Divine.

If you are intrigued, curious, or just want to know more, please visit the Kindle store on and check it out.  And if you buy and read the book, could you also write a review on Amazon? I will gladly repay the favor —



Create Your Life By Design

How often do you think about the design of your life?  The structure and form that defines your life is greatly influenced by choices you have made – in the past, in the present, and in the future.  Are you satisfied with your life as it stands?

If the answer is an emphatic “NO!” then you have some work to do.  The first step is to realize that it is Your work, and no one else’s.  It is your hand holding the paint brush and your hand that chooses the colors, texture, lines and form that are painted on the canvas of your life.

Are you with me so far?  You are responsible for you.  Your choices, your mistakes, your grievances, your story.  Stop blaming others for your decisions and start living your life.

There are a myriad of methods to stop the victim mindset.  Check out the 13 steps described in Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping (  Another great book about integrating and healing your past is by Debbie Ford, called The Dark Side of the Light Chasers(  Both websites offer online coursesthat you take at your own pace and fit into your schedule.

Paint brushes

Image via Wikipedia

The tools are out there.  The real question is…do you want to give up your victim mindset and expand into unexplored territory?  Or would you rather stay stuck in an unhappy life so you can complain about it?

Your answer will determine your path and your spiritual development.  Victimhood and spiritual growth cannot occur in the same space, because they are the antithesis of each other.  It truly is your choice.

As Tom Carpenter so eloquently said:

When forgiveness ends the need to judge and conflict and condemnation both have gone away, there is a stillness that fills my mind. This I know is the Peace of God. When I am here, all the world is here with me and I recognize this is the goal we all have sought, no matter how it may have looked. It is the single purpose for our learning, the very function of our lives. For it is here—filled by this stillness—I, we finally feel at home. 

You are the painter of your life – choose wisely!

Forgiveness is the Door to Happiness

Forgiveness is the door to happiness.

That statement is contrary to popular belief and cultural norms.  We are so focused on who is right that we have forgotten our greater purpose…to forgive so we can be happy.

The opposite of forgiveness is judgement.  And in every moment we take a breath, we have a choice between the two.  They cannot co-exist in the same space and time.  They are mutually exclusive…and available to all of us in every single heart beat.

As Rickey Minor noted in his book, There is No Traffic on the Extra Mile,

“What does not have truth or integrity to it has nothing to feed on but itself.”

Judgement feeds on itself.  It fosters and encourages anger, resentment, pain and intolerance.  It separates us by pointing out differences.  Judgement is a path we choose and one that eventually leads downward to destruction.  It feeds on itself.

Forgiveness creates more.  It does not tear down but builds up.  Forgiveness based on acceptance and love encourages more acceptance and love.  It is the other path we choose and one that will lead upward to happiness and a much closer relationship with God.

Ask yourself today, when faced with a situation that upsets you, whether you would rather be right, or happy.  If being right is important to you, then judge away.  But if you consider the other times in the past when you have made the same choice, did it ever bring happiness?  If the answer is no, then you might want to consider the other choice – forgiveness.

Chose to be a creator, not a destroyer.  Chose love and forgiveness instead of judgement and fear.

And when you make the choice to forgive, start with the one person who needs its the most.