No Matter Where You Are

The experience of being human is an adventure, no matter where you happen to be in the world. Cultures place different values on the experience, but there are certain values that remain the same, no matter where you are.

Family. Friends. Belief in a higher power.

In my travels this year, I have noticed one difference. How people use their cell phones.

A cell phone is a wonderful invention that connects, informs and directs, all from the palm of your hand. With the swipe of a finger, you can learn the history of anything or discover the answer to the most obscure question.

But this tool can also isolate and separate people.

When I was in Hong Kong and Sydney this year, I noticed that most people used their phones as a shield against the world. It was a sign that clearly said, “Don’t bother me.”

This is not a comment on either city, just an observation.

In Paris, however, it is a different story. The Parisians may come across as rude or indifferent to tourists, but when they are with friends, they are intense, engaged and attentive.

Yesterday, for example, we had lunch at a sidewalk cafe. To our right was a group of three men who were engaged in a spirit discussion. Different voices made emphatic points, to which the others responded. All of this communicated over food.

To our left were two women, also engaged in a deep conversation. Each looked into the other’s eyes, listening attentively.

No one had their cell phone out. It was not in sight and was never used during either of these conversations.

I didn’t think much about this until we took a stroll last evening along the Seine. Notre Dame rose in the sunset as small groups of people enjoyed the cooler air. Food and wine were part of every gathering…and not a cell phone in sight.

We are humans, wired to be connected to each other. Why don’t we pledge to leave our phones out of sight and intend to listen. When we connect to others, we also connect more deeply to ourselves.

Viva la humans!

Let. Love. Lead


Today is Valentine’s Day, the time we set aside to honor love, relationships and trust in something more than we can experience with our five senses.

Where do you find that something more?

In your heart space. Your Anahata. The energy of Anahata recognizes that we are part of something larger, that we are interconnected within an intricate web of relationships extending through life and the universe.

Heart Dancing is living from this space – this energy. Love and compassion naturally flow through you as you see the world with eyes of acceptance.

You may be drawn out of your heart space by external events or internal stories that trigger a defensive reaction. In those moments, remember that Love is always present, even in the most dense circumstances.

Let. Love Lead.

It’s the mantra for all Heart Dancers and the song of all dogs who are in love with their masters.

When you forget, your dog will remind you. Anyone with a close relationship with a dog knows that they live 100% from their Anahata  – their heart space. Love pours forth unconditionally, non-judgmentally and freely. Your dog does not hold back because he is worried or afraid – he gives completely and without hesitation.

Kathryn Eriksen is the creator of Heart Dancing, a way of life that joins the practical with the formless. Drop the Leash is her latest book that teaches us how to live – from a dog’s perspective. Learn more at

Relationships are a Container of Discovery

When you are in a relationship, it appears that you and the other person, object (or even a concept) is outside of you and separate. Continue reading


RelationshipEver thought about your relationships? Not just to people, but to your physical world?

You have a relationship with your dog or cat, your job or career. Your relationships extend to everything that populates your life.  Money. A Starbucks latte. The good luck charm you keep hidden but still think about.

You…are in a relationship…with EVERYTHING.

Want to know a secret? If there is something or someone in your life who seems to cause angst, anger or agitation, don’t expect them to change. You will wait until there is no more of anything before the other person changes to your satisfaction. The simple fact is that only you can change your relationships.

Take a step back and look at the relationships that are not in the best of shape. Have you learned the lesson that is hidden in the relationship? Are you ready to shift the connecting point and create a different relationship?

Even thinking about your relationships from an observer’s viewpoint and asking these questions will cause a change. But you are the one to move it in a different direction.

Are you ready?

Are you willing?

Then dance the steps that you know are true. From your heart.

#HeartDancing    Let. Love. Lead. 

The Ocean of Relationships

My daughter just went to her first High School Homecoming Dance/party and “After-Party.” 

Her entire class of 14-15 year-olds attended, so the social pressure of being “cool” or “funny” or “just-don’t-do-anything-stupid” was extremely high.

For some reason, the image of pushing her out onto the ocean of relationships flew into my mind. Please indulge the following analogies and metaphors while I sort through the possibilities that may lie in her future.

English: Two Sunfish with instructors teaching...

When she first sets sail on the ocean, her boat may be a humble dinghy or a Sunfish sailboat. Small and unsure, she is waiting for the first connection with another.

It could happen many different ways, but that connection, once made, could determine how she views herself inside that new relationship.

Unless she remembers the secret.

Her first real relationship with a boy could be like riding in a speed boat…the feeling of exhilaration and speed could wipe away any thoughts of common sense or safety.

Or it could be like a sailboat, moving in sync with the wind and the waves…peaceful, calm and serene.

But what if it is like the Titanic…glittering and seductive but a tragic end is ensured, whether the participants know it or not.

What is a Mom to do?

My imagination runs wild with the possibilities…drugs, sex, STD, drugs, sex.  I cannot listen to those fears though, because I know that her future is hers to determine. All I can do is to pray, ask for guidance and help her through the good times and bad.

Because in the end, it is not what happens to her as she moves on the ocean, it’s what she learns from the experience and how she integrates those lessons into her self-image.

And that is the Secret.

She is still and will always be a child of God, loved and adored.

She cannot lose her relationship with God. She can only ignore it or forget that it is there.

God is the most patient partner, always waiting for you to acknowledge him.  He set you forth on the ocean of relationships to discover who you are and who you are not.

And to learn that in the end, no matter what happened while you were adrift, that you can always come home to a safe harbor.UniverseCrush