The Way of the Creative

Way of CreativeWhat is the truth within you?

When you know the answer to that question…you know your purpose.

How do you discover the answer?  By peeling back the layers of limiting stories that block your light.

Even one ray of light can dissolve shadows.

Peel back one layer of stories and you let in the light. #StoryAlchemy

Your Shadows Cannot Survive in the Light of the Sun

ShadowsLightShadows are created by something blocking the light. When you hold onto a painful story or refuse to acknowledge it, a shadow is created. Light cannot reach through the shadow, because your choice to “be right” or “be the victim” blocks it.

You were meant to live in the light. To be happy. To be joyful. To be like a child and know that you are loved beyond measure. To forgive yourself and others, because you want to live in the light more than you want to be right. To be love and give love, freely and without any doubt of its existence or your worthiness.

Dance in the light and the shadows disappear.

How do you dance in the light? Please visit or check out my latest book, Heart Dancing: A Story Alchemy Adventure. 

Please join me in the Heart Dance. Live from the music in your heart,

not the messages from your mind.