Bali Dreams

Bali is a land of contrasts. Chaos and calm. Frantic movement and serenity. Force and surrender.

These are Western observations and determinations. To the Balinese, everything flows and they allow the current of life to carry them forward.

Every morning, a young girl walks through the winding path of the place where we are staying, placing a small flower or fragrant petal on certain spots. The statutes are lovingly decorated. Color lines the walkways like a jeweled necklace. When I renter my room after breakfast, petals are on the bed, dresser and shelf above the sink.

This ritual is not because we are tourists. It is part of their religion to give thanks for the new day, in as beautiful way as possible.

I think that is why people are drawn to Bali. It is a reminder that we are spiritual beings first, then human. When the spiritual side of our nature is cultivated, recognized and thanked profusely, the human side shows up in the world fueled by compassion, love and gratitude.

Bali is a dream for many, but you can carry the beauty of Bali with you without ever having to breath the air. Spend daily time in meditation, mindfulness and intentionality and you will find your Bali.

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance!

Do You Have an Open Mind?

Readers Muse just wrote an insightful review of Heart Dancing. As an author, it is sometimes difficult to read others’ words and opinions about your work.image

But I didn’t write Heart Dancing to be just a pleasant read. My overall motivation was to shake you, (the reader), awake to the enormous potential of your life and the choices you make in every moment.

Your reaction to the “shaking up” may be to set down the book and move on. And that is perfectly fine. It’s just not the right time for you. But if you can set aside your skepticism…a glimmer of “something more” may shine into your awareness.

Dhivya Balaji from Readers Muse got that point loud and clear. She cautions anyone who thinks this is just another “feel good” story, when she says, “Having an open mind while reading the book is essential for any reader to get through each chapter.”

Thank you Dhivya, for your honest and detailed review of Heart Dancing. It truly does depend on your perspective!

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Fall in Love with a Book

I have a confession to make. It’s really not a secret, but in today’s world of digital images, my confession may seem old-fashioned or even outdated. I hope that is not true.

Even though I love to surf the ‘net on my iPhone, take videos or listen to the universe of songs available on Spotify, I still carry a deep and abiding love for the printed page. E-readers are convenient and my nightstand is far less cluttered than in the old days, but I still find myself picking up a favorite book and just holding it, treasuring how it made me feel. I can’t quite muster that same connection with my Kindle.

I came across this wonderful video that I wanted to share with everyone who has a love of reading. It may just inspire you to give a physical book this holiday season.

There – I said it. I LOVE BOOKS.

They form some of the steps in my Heart Dance.

Raise your hand if you feel the same way.


A Quick Announcement and a Favor

I will get back to my regular blog posts tomorrow,

but first I wanted to ask you for a favor.

I am almost ready to release the newly revised and updated 2nd Edition of Dance with the Divine. This novel is about a family torn apart by a secret that disrupts their very foundational beliefs. While the 1st Edition did well, I felt that it needed deeper content and life-changing lessons that transform the characters and hopefully the readers :-). Before I release this latest edition, I need your help.

The description found on the back of the book is critical to attracting readers. Creating a compelling summary is tricky. That is where you come in.

I have created Version A and Version B, which are shown below. Without knowing anything else about the book, can you please let me know which one you liked better? There is a one question poll form at the bottom of this post. And this is very important — if you did not like either of them, let me know that too!

Thank you for taking your time and sharing your opinion. I would love to hear any additional comments from you in the space below.

Be well,


Version A

A dark secret from the past erupts into the placid life of the Hartt family. Pushed underneath the surface for years, the effect of one decision threatens the very fabric of their lives. Brian and Christine must decide how they are going to relate to each other and even whether separation or divorce is an option. Savanna, their 14-year-old daughter, must face her fears or rebel against the entire situation.

Their actions and reactions take a predictable course, until a mysterious young woman offers a different path. Savanna opens her heart to these new spiritual laws and begins to transform from an angry, hurt teenager to a wise and patient young woman. Can her parents follow her lead? Or is Savanna destined to walk this way alone?

Full of inspiration, transformation and confirmation, Dance with the Divine will move you to tears, make you laugh and finally, force you to examine the stories you hold dear that prevent you from moving forward.  Change your story. Change your life.

Version B

The Hartts are a typical American family. Brian and Christine both work and they try to be available for their 14-year-old daughter, Savanna. Their lives are mostly drama-free, until a dark secret from their past threatens to destroy the entire family. The lingering repercussions from a decision made before Savanna was born have made themselves known, and now these consequences can no longer be ignored. Divorce seems imminent unless they discover a miracle.

Savanna refuses to stand by and see her family be destroyed. She is determined to find a better way…and it actually discovers her. A mysterious young woman and her dog show Savanna how to look past the physical and see the spiritual side of her situation. A leap of faith and courage to stay the course provide Savanna into a new perspective about her life, her value and her purpose. But can the adults in her life make the same faith leap and give up their stories about the past that are tearing them apart?

Brimming with inspiration, transformation and empowering messages, Dance with the Divine is life changing. It introduces a 4 step process called “Story Alchemy” that can be used to transform any story that threatens your peace and happiness. As you cheer on the choices made by each of the Hartts, you will also reflect on your own stories that keep you playing small.  Change your story. Change your life.

The Mixing Bowl of Life

You are constantly creating and transforming yourself.


Everytime you have a thought about something, or decide to take action or not, you have added another layer to your life.  Because it is the thoughts you think, the beliefs you hold and the actions you take that create your life.

You could even call it the Mixing Bowl of Life.

Many people are under the false impression that outside events are the forces that shape their lives.  Whether it is the economy (or lack thereof), the depth (or not) of their personal relationships or any of the other zillion possibilities, they look to the material world for their answers.

Psssstttt…the answer is not out there.  It’s all in here.

Take a moment and point to yourself.  Look at where you pointed.  I can almost guarantee that you pointed to the middle of your chest, near your heart.

That is where You are – in your heart.  Not your head, not your brain, not the 60,000 thoughts you think a day.  So where do you believe the answers are to your burning questions?  Out there or in your heart?

The mixing bowl of life’s ingredients is on the inside.

Your outward life reflects the inside of your mixing bowl.  If it is filled with anger, resentment, frustration and pain, that is recipe for an unhappy life.  But if your mixing bowl is filled with love, sprinkled with joy, salted with adventure and spiced with abundance, your life becomes nothing short of miraculous.

Wnat to know that the cool thing is?  You – yes, only you – decide what gets added or deleted from your mixing bowl.  Your parents cannot contribute (unless you let them), your job doesn’t make a difference (unless you allow it) and your spouse, friends or family cannot deposit anything.

Only you have control over what goes into your mixing bowl.

That is the awesome power you have over your life.  It is also an awesome responsibility and one that only you can master…for yourself.

Have you taken inventory lately?  What recipe are you cooking that is becoming your life?  If you don’t like the end result, go back to the beginning and change the ingredients.  It really is that simple.

But how do you do that?  Were do you start?

No one can know the answer for you.  Only you know your issues, your personal background and the dynamics of your relationships – with others and with yourself.  You are a unique and special person who has never existed before in just this way, and who will never exist again is this form.  So truly, you are the designer, cook, mixer and baker of your life.

My mission is to help illuminate your way with insights I have gained on my journey.  Some of them may resonate with you; others may leave you unaffected.  No worries, because I am not in charge of your growth and transformation.


Once you truly grasp that concept and integrate it into your world, watch out. Your life is about to rise, expand and become the most delicious thing you have ever experienced!