Other Works by Kathryn Eriksen

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing my blog.  I am thrilled that you have found my tiny spot on the web and that my thoughts and ideas resonate with you.  My goal is to inspire you to look at your life differently, see what you have created and be willing to shift your thinking toward more joy, happiness and love.

The three words that sum up my work are:  Let. Love. Lead.

If something inside of you reacted to this simple but profound mantra, then you will definitely be interested in my work.

Drop the Leash3I have written a variety of books that do not neatly fall into any one genre. My latest ebook is called Drop the Leash: Let Go of Your Past and Love in the Present. It is a different look at forgiveness…told from the perspective of a dog.

Avatar, the teacher, master and gentle coach, explains why dogs can stay inside love much longer than humans. I promise that you will never look at your dog the same way again!

You may recognize Avatar from my previous book, Heart Dancing: A Story Alchemy Adventure.  Avatar does not have as large a role inside this story, but he does play a pivotal role in helping a family find peace in the midst of a crisis.  With his help and constant love, they find the way out of the pain and stubbornness that kept them locked in their own stories.

Reviewers are singing the praises of this book and the personal impact they experienced. As one reader shared, “I FrontCovercouldn’t put the book down. I was mesmerized and wanted to keep reading each page with the desire and hope transferred into my soul. It is a story of the divine; destiny and fate, love and compassion. My heart is dancing!”

Heart Dancing: A Story Alchemy Adventure contains many insights that shed light on a better way to live. From the heart and not the mind.


I also wrote a children’s book called Walk With the Master.  A dog named Barnabus discovers the Master living quietly in Nazareth and his life is never the same again.  Lessons of love, forgiveness and gratitude spill off the pages and into the hearts of readers everywhere.

You will never look at your life in the same way again.

As  one reader describes it: “This book will take your children on an unforgettable journey through missing part Jesus’ life – through the eyes of a little puppy! It’s genius! Purchase several of these books, along with the guide, for your Children’s Sunday School Class, you will not be disappointed!”

Visit WalkWiththeMaster.com to learn more about this unusual book that introduces children to how the Master may have lived and behaved before he began his public ministry.

All of these books and several more are listed on Amazon.com.  To learn more about me, please visit my website at KathrynEriksen.com. From there, you can connect to me via FaceBook, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest.

Thank you again for sharing this wonderful journey called “Life” together.  May you and yours be blessed by God’s abundance, peace and joy.  And may you discover that God can truly be your dance partner in life!


7 thoughts on “Other Works by Kathryn Eriksen

  1. It’s amazing to me how God puts things, words, people, “blogs!” in our line of vision to enrich our journey. In a long list of stepping stones, I find here yet another ..and grateful for the opportunity to widen my circle of “like-minded” sojourners.


  2. As a matter of fact I have …and frustrated that “life” doesn’t allow me to sit and read away the day!! When I finish it, I’ll certainly share my comments … however, I “did” finish “Dance with the Divine,” and found it to be a treasure. It may have been written about a teenager – but the question that arises out of her perdicament have no age limit, and addresses the subject of “why God let’s things happen” that perplexes most all of us at some point in our life. Yet “another” connection in my long and rambling “chain of thought!”


  3. Kathryn, I cannot express in words just how much Heart Dancing was just what I needed to read! I read the whole book in two early, early AM sittings this weekend. As I read the pages, for the first time in many, many years, I related to me. My feelings, my thoughts, my experiences. Not to fix me, or anyone else. Just to embrace and feel the sheer joy I felt reading each page! Thank you!


    • Thank you for sharing your feelings and experience as you read Heart Dancing. Your sincerity and hopefulness have expanded my world!

      If you want to learn more about Heart Dancing, please go to my website at KathrynEriksen.com and join the Story Alchemy email list. Your first gift is an ebook that goes deeper into Story Alchemy and continues the journey back to self.

      You can discover the Heart Dancing Radio Show on iTunes. I have extraordinary guests who have walked on their own journey of healing and love. It’s very inspirational, motivational and heart-lifting!

      Thank you again – be well. ❤


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