Transform Agents Unite!

I have the privilege to be part of an incredible group of authors who have compiled one of the best collections of inspirational ideas, motivational moments and just sheer brilliance in one place.

Just click on the picture to enter a magical place of wonder, magic and joy.


Look for “Heart Dancing” toward the end of the book!

Please share – there is a wealth of wisdom abundance contained between these pages!

Fall in Love with a Book

I have a confession to make. It’s really not a secret, but in today’s world of digital images, my confession may seem old-fashioned or even outdated. I hope that is not true.

Even though I love to surf the ‘net on my iPhone, take videos or listen to the universe of songs available on Spotify, I still carry a deep and abiding love for the printed page. E-readers are convenient and my nightstand is far less cluttered than in the old days, but I still find myself picking up a favorite book and just holding it, treasuring how it made me feel. I can’t quite muster that same connection with my Kindle.

I came across this wonderful video that I wanted to share with everyone who has a love of reading. It may just inspire you to give a physical book this holiday season.

There – I said it. I LOVE BOOKS.

They form some of the steps in my Heart Dance.

Raise your hand if you feel the same way.


The Poll Results

I was thrilled with the feedback I received from my impromptu poll. Seventeen people took the time to read both Versions and click on their choice. I even had two people who suggested that Version A and B should be combined!

For those of you who are interested in the actual results, here they are:

Poll Results 07.22.14Version A won by 6%, which in this small of a sample, is only one person. So, given these results, I will craft a new description of the book that will entice people and tickle their curiosity.

As Ernest Hemingway said, “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”  Thank you for helping an apprentice become better.

Six Seconds

I need you to do me a favor – and it will only take six seconds.

If you are new to this blog, then you may not have had time to look around. I can make it quick – I write from my heart, describing and synthesizing my world so it makes sense.  Sometimes I need an extra boost from others to not feel that I am all alone.

My world is created just like yours – by thoughts, words and actions. If I can dissect the thoughts that came before the words, I hope that I can change the starting point and end up with something different, created deliberately instead of habitually. 

Standing at the center of my life and helping create it – that is where I want to be. At the center of the miracle!

My desire to connect to others led me to start this blog and to join a project called, Are You a Messenger? (Sorry, the quotation marks on my keyboard don’t work – does anyone know how to fix that?) Anyway, as part of AYAM, I created an Impact Project called Miracle Tokens, which are small bits of wisdom and inspiration that can be shared online or in person after you download and print them.  They boost the mood of the person who receives them, and give you a lift too, because you have shared a smile or caused someone to stop and consider their life.

My hope is that people start sharing Miracle Tokens and begin a conversation using #MiracleTokens to connect to each other. Tell your story on Twitter, FaceBook or Instagram – whatever works. The important thing is to just keep the conversation going.

Here is where you can help – and it will only take six seconds. Visit my page at, watch the video (OK, this part will take more than 6 seconds) and then go on to the content page by providing your name and email address (don’t worry – I am the only one who will use it, and I NEVER spam). Please leave a comment – that is where you can REALLY help me, because that is what the project manager is looking for – if I was able to attract people to my page.

Then download your very own Miracle Token, start sharing on and offline.  And please come back here and let me know your thoughts.

As Joseph Campbell noted, “Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” (Look – I found my quotation marks!) Please be my door — right now I feel like I am up against a wall that I cannot seem to penetrate.



A Way to Repay

As a way to repay all of the kind people who have taken the time to read and/or follow this blog, if you will send me your email (or sign up on my website at, I will send you 2 Miracle Tokens.

“What is in the world is a Miracle Token?” you ask suspiciously.

It is a simple way to give someone a boost, or share a thoughtful insight, or even wake them up to their spirituality (I always shoot for the biggest goal).  I will send you these Tokens by email, so you can print them, share them or even post them on FaceBook or Twitter.

I have started leaving a Miracle Token with my tip at a restaurant.  Since they contain a way for the recipient to share their experience, I can’t wait to read about what a ripple they caused.

Won’t you help me spread the news?  Just leave a comment, or find me on FaceBook (KathrynEEriksen) and send me a message.  Or go to my website at and sign up for my emails.  It’s simple, easy and fun!

Whose day will you spark today?

P.S. Miracle Tokens play a huge role in my latest novel, “Dance with the Divine,” which is still available as a free Kindle download.  Just go to and start reading on any mobile device or computer!

Writers — Listen up!


Just a quick note to tell you about a wonderful writer I just discovered, who loves to share her knowledge, expertise and humor on the craft of writing.  She has discovered many ways to connect to people and is happy to share her secrets.

Now it is up to you to listen.

If you are ready to learn and finally have your writing soar about the noise, please visit Kristen Lamb’s blog at

I just ordered her book on blogging and will write a review as soon as I have devoured it.  So hang on to your hats – we are in for a fabulous ride!


Blog Away

A friend sent me the following email that contained such great nuggets of wisdom that I had to share.  Unfortunately, the author’s name was not included, so please forgive me if you recognize this article as yours!

Doing what you love.

1.       If you don’t think it’s possible, do a small easy test. Don’t think you can start a blog? Sign up for a free or account and do a short post. Don’t tell anyone about it. Just write a post. It costs nothing, risks nothing, takes almost no time. But you will learn you can do that one little thing, and if you pass that test, you now know your theory of impossibility was wrong. You can do this with any skill, btw, not just blogging.

2.       Expand your tests. If you pass the first test, do another small one. Then another. Keep going and notice your confidence grow. Your skills grow along with the confidence. It’s amazingly simple. Iterate and re-iterate as long as you are having fun.

3.       If you don’t know what you love, don’t worry. There’s no need to figure that out right away. Try something that someone else is doing, and see if you think it’s fun. The real fun part, btw, comes when you start to get good at it, so perhaps stick with it for awhile and enjoy the learning, then enjoy being good at it. If that first try doesn’t work, try something else. You don’t have to commit to one thing for your entire life. You can do a dozen a year if you want, for a decade. You’ll probably find something by then.

4.       Find inspiration. Who else is doing what you love doing? Who is excited about it most? Follow them. Learn about them. See what path they took. Watch closely how they execute, what they do right. Learn from the best.

5.       Reach out to a mentor. Of the people who inspire you the most, try to make contact with a few of them. If they never respond, try a few more. See if you can buy them lunch or coffee. Don’t pitch them on anything. Just ask for their help, and say you’d love for them to mentor you in a way that won’t take up much of their time. Don’t demand a lot of time, but go to them when you’re having trouble making big decisions.

6.       Choose one passion at random. Some people have many interests and don’t know where to start. Pick one or two randomly if they’re all about equal, and just get started. Don’t let choice paralyze you. Get started, because in the end it won’t matter if you started with the wrong passion — you’ll learn something valuable no matter what.

7.       Get good at it. You get good at something with practice. Allow your friends and family to be your first audience, readers, customers. Then take on a few others at a low cost, or increase your audience slowly. But always have an audience or customers if possible — you’ll get good much faster this way, with feedback and accountability. Read about it. Watch videos. Take a class. Join a group of others learning. Find people to partner with. Before long, you’ll be good at it.

8.      Help others. One of the best ways to get good at something is to help others learn. Making someone’s life better with your new skill is also an amazing way to get satisfaction out of what you do, to love what you do. Help as many people as you can in any way possible — it will pay off.

9.       Find your voice. Eventually, as you master your skill, you will learn that you are different than the thousands of others doing it. You will find your uniqueness. It’s not necessarily there at first, because you might not have the technical skills to express yourself. But eventually, find that voice. Find the thing that sets you apart, that helps you to stand out from the crowd. Then emphasize that.

10.   How can you be valuable? What can you do that is valuable to others? Sometimes it’s doing something that they really need. Sometimes it’s doing it better than others. Sometimes it’s saving people time, or money. Other times it’s just making their lives better, brighter, pleasanter in some way.

11.    Become an expert. If you get good at something, and help others, and find a voice, and become valuable — you’ll become an expert at what you do. Others will turn to you for advice. Help them. Read more.

12.    Sell your own stuff. I’ve found that the best way to make a revenue, by far, is by selling your own stuff. I’ve tried ads and affiliate links, and while I have nothing against those things, the thing that works best for me is selling my own stuff. I’ve already proven to my audience that I’m valuable and honest and trustworthy, and so they are much more likely to want something that I’ve created than something I recommend made by others. So create something valuable that will help others, and sell it.

13.    Don’t be a jerk. Too many people online are so worried about maximizing subscriber numbers or pageviews that they do things that are disrespectful to their readers. Asking me to click “Next Page” five times to read your article? Jerk move. Having a pop-up asking me to subscribe before I’ve even read the article I came to read? Jerk move. Screaming at me to “Like” your page on Facebook, when I could decide that on my own without being asked if the article was really good? Jerk move. Learn to feel what is respectful, and what’s a jerk move.

14.    Don’t let numbers rule you. Numbers are arbitrary and basically worthless. How many readers do you have? No one really knows, and in the end the number of readers doesn’t matter as much as things like: how much do they care about your articles, how much have you helped them, how much do they trust you, how excited are they? Pageviews don’t matter, neither do Facebook fans or Twitter followers or the number of people on your mailing list. Instead of worrying about numbers, pour yourself into your work, make yourself incredibly valuable, help people as much as possible, love what you do. The numbers will come as a side effect.

15.    It’s the doing and loving that matters. Many people focus on growing, or hitting goals, or making money, but they forget what matters. What matters most is loving what you do. If you love it, and you’re doing it, you’ve already succeeded. Don’t worry so much about achieving certain levels of success — people push themselves so hard to reach those things that they forget to enjoy what they’re doing, and in the process they lose the reason they’re doing it in the first place.

16.    Dream bigger. Once you’ve overcome the initial fear and started to become good at something you love, dream bigger. The first stage is small steps, but don’t stop there. You can change lives. You can change the world. Doing so will change you.

Two Great Resources

I have two friends who have helped thousands of people do what they love. I highly recommend their courses:

1.       Traffic School by Corbett Barr (affiliate link). Corbett teaches you how to build thriving online audiences, and he does an amazing job. The course will teach you how to build a much bigger audience for your website or blog. This course closes registration today, btw.

2.       Live Off Your Passion by Scott Dinsmore (not affiliate link). Scott’s mission is to help you find your passion and build a career around it, and he delivers with this self-study eCourse containing a 200-page written guide, a 72-page interactive workbook and dozens of videos, case studies, expert interviews and tools.