The Wonder of Being Human

I am 30,000 feet above the earth, thinking about a movie that I just watched. It touched me in a way that hasn’t happened in a while.

I have always felt a strong affinity for the lonely ones, the outcasts, the overlooked. It’s probably because I was one myself.

So often, the need to belong is stronger than the will to be kind. But when a person looks inside and chooses kindness over belonging, everyone grows and evolves.

That’s why the movie called “Wonder” was so meaningful. A birth defect made Auggie look hideous. His features are misshapen, he is small for his age and a prime target for bullies. But the kids who learn to see behind the mask discover his goodness and light.

We all wear masks to protect our vulnerability. We learn from an early age that hiding our true self is the way to get along, be accepted and belong. We see what we believe and we act accordingly.

Until something breaks through our mask. Or someone sees us – really sees us. Then, the mask shatters and the light behind our eyes connect. Because we are all the same light. We just have different forms.


Imagine if all humans could see themselves for the wonder that they are. Beings in human form, experiencing life in each moment. What might spring from that one simple shift in perspective?

o Judgment and criticism wouldn’t be necessary. How can you judge another for you are the same?

o Racism, discrimination and violence wouldn’t be necessary. For how can you harm another when you are the same?

o Competition would be replaced by collaboration; Jealousy and hatred would dissolve into love;

Imagine your own life if your closest loved ones knew who they are and saw you as you are. A unique expression of divine energy. Differences would be celebrated and passions elevated.

That is the wonder of being human. “Wonder” portrayed these concepts on the big screen.

My 30,000 foot view of the world has shifted. I am in love with myself, my life and every person on the planet. Because love is who we are.

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance!


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We are Like Sea Glass

I never heard of sea glass until I took a trip to Key West for a retreat. One of the speakers passed around a basket full of sea glass and asked the 30+ people to take one. When it was my turn, I chose the darkest, fullest piece I could find.


Because that was the bit of silicon that had been through the toughest forces…had tumbled the most on the waves…and had it survived. Instead of cracking, shattering or being crushed by its journey, that glass had absorbed the larger energy and become stronger. Because of its journey, it was a beautiful reminder of transformation.

Are you struggling with powerful forces in your life right now? Do you feel as if you should give up or give in, even when you know it is not the best path for your growth and expansion? Are you tired of the conflict and turmoil?


Take heart – that fact that you are reading this post and nodding your head is enough evidence that you have already survived.

You are worthy…or you would not be here, right here, right now. You are strong…or you would have already given up. You are valued…isn’t it time to value yourself?

Trust in love greater than you can fathom or imagine.

Know that your journey is part of your contract.

What appear to be obstacles to your small mind are really stepping-stones on your path.

Breathe in the goodness of life and allow it to flow through you.

 Reframe. Release. Renew. Rinse and Repeat.

It’s another step in the Heart Dance. (can you hear the music playing?)

Animals as Teachers

I had a frustrating moment yesterday, when I was trying to download an audio file so I could share it on my social media sites. Sounds simple, right? Not for me – my computer kept converting the mp3 to a different format that FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram did not understand.

I finally figured it out, but not without some hair pulling, gnashing of teeth and overwhelming frustration. My mind stopped working on the solution and immediately turned to its favorite target – my self-esteem.

Frustrated by my ineptitude, I sat down on the sofa to get calm. As I practiced deep breathing, I could feel my muscles relax and my heart rate slow. And just at that moment when I released myself (mentally, of course) from the stranglehold, my cat jumped on the sofa next to me.Housecat

He usually want to be rubbed and petted and is very insistent when he is in that mood. But this time, he was different. He just sat and stared at me. Green/yellow eyes focused all of their power…on me.

It was unsettling at first, but then I realized something important. My upset from earlier was totally unnecessary, trivial and without value. His eyes told me that I was loved, no matter what. And that I mattered – right here, right now. I somehow understood that this  moment of connection was all I needed.

Being in the moment was so much better than thrashing around in emotional turmoil.

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I can’t wait to visit with Kevin about these amazing discoveries and how they can help you in your moments of crisis. Please join us — you just might walk away with a different understanding of your cat or dog!

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Story Alchemy

Have you ever stopped to realize that you can’t see into your own eyes…without looking into something else? Whether it is a photograph that captured you in a moment in time, or looking into a mirror, you can’t see yourself without another physical object or person.

Your physical sight is designed to take outward images and convert them into energetic impulses that your physical brain can interpret. The actual process of how this occurs is well documented. But what does your mind do with the images that your brain collects?

Now that is another question altogether.

Metaphysics distinguishes between the brain and the mind. Your brain is the physical object that sits inside your skull. Your mind has been called “consciousness” and thought. So why does this matter?

Because your brain acts like a recording device. Whatever it sees through the visual process, it collects and records. In one sense, it is mechanical because it will do its job whether you are conscious of it or not (just like your heart continues beating and your blood circulates automatically).Mirror Images

But your mind – that is a different story. Think of your mind as a projector.

What does it project?

The stories and beliefs you have created about yourself and the events, people and circumstances your life.

If you believe that you are not likeable, for example, that belief is projected from your mind as you move throughout your day. The millions of bits of data that is available to you is never seen, because it is filtered by your belief of being unlikable. Therefore, you only see the data that supports that belief.

In a very real sense, you project what you believe and look for evidence that your story or belief is “true.” And you will keep projecting that belief and finding supporting evidence until you change the story and the underlying beliefs.

So how do you ever change your beliefs? Is it even possible?

The answer is Of Course!

Learning how to transform your beliefs and stories is the subject of my latest book, Heart Dancing: A Story Alchemy Adventure. I will provide more information about the book and the launch date in the next few weeks.

Why change your stories and beliefs? Because you were meant to dance with life, not fight it or feel small. The Story Alchemy Process can help transform those negative beliefs from lead to gold, so you move through your day with grace and ease. Instead of your projections being in conflict with your authentic self, they are in harmony. Life is peaceful, meaningful and filled with joy and love.

Isn’t that a better way to live?

The other side benefit is that people naturally change when you change. As you alchemize your limiting beliefs and stories, your relationship with yourself heals. And that is projected outward to your relationship with other people.

The ripple effects are unpredictable and immeasurable!

Reframe. Release. Renew.





Turkey Day + 5 Steps = Peaceful Holiday

IcicleEverything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.  – Albert Einstein

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Whether you are elbow deep in flour or making a last run to the grocery store, there may be thoughts like these lurking under the surface of the busyness of holiday preparation:

I hope that Aunt Rachael and Dad don’t get into politics or the economy this year.

What if Jan (my mother-in-law) hates the way I made the turkey?

Did we have to invite Bob? He is always such a downer at the holidays ever since he lost his job.

Everyone has difficult people in their circle of family and friends. And the holidays brings everyone together, to simmer in their opinions, judgments and criticisms.  For some, it is an annoyance to be born for a few days. For others, it can be a looming disaster that threatens to effect relationships far into the future.

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

I have discovered a 5 step process that helps me fly through the holidays, enjoying myself and feeling great at the end of the night.  I remind myself of the following truths before I enter a potentially stressful situation. I visualize interacting positively with the people who upset me in the past.  And I touch base with the 5 steps if I feel myself getting drawn into a negative or emotionally charged exchange.

1.  I only have control over myself. No one else.

I accept this fact and I remind myself of its truth whenever I am tempted to point out someone else’s faults or mistakes.   I have no idea what that person is dealing with or what cross they carry, so my opinion of their words or actions is not necessary or helpful.

2.  I only have control over my reactions, not others.

I cannot control anyone else’s reaction. So when I present the turkey or other dishes that I made, I know I created it with love and happiness. I did my part and I leave it at that.

3.  Everything is energy.

When I hear what I think is criticism, I remind myself that “It’s only energy.” That takes away the emotional charge and allows me to choose my response from love instead of hurt. It also give me room to consider that I may have misinterpreted the comment.

4.  I decide how I want to experience the holiday.

When #1 + #2 + #3 are added together, I always reach the logical conclusion that I get to decide how I want to experience the holiday.  I make that decision before the event, by visualizing how I want the day to proceed. I hold that vision or idea in my head as I move through the day, making sure that I am responding and reacting in ways that are consistent with my vision.

5.  I leave the rest up to God or the Universe.

I know that I can’t control others, so I do not set unrealistic expectations. I focus on what I want to experience and let go of the rest.

This 5 step process has worked its magic for me – consistently and predictably… as long as I did my part and stayed within my zone of happiness. Try it tomorrow and let me know if it also worked for you.

Remember – Albert Einstein said that “This is not philosophy. It’s physics.”  Put the laws of physics to work for you and you will reap the benefits.