About ME

I followed the traditional path of college, post-graduate work and an intensive career (trial attorney), until I discovered a latent talent for creating stories that help others see the truth of their lives.  My work is based on my own personal experience of moving away from painful, guilty living to peace, joy and happiness.  Just remember – it is never too late to begin!

In fact, after looking back over my life andHeartDancingLogo my ability to let go of guilt and see a new perspective about past events, people or circumstances, I realized that I followed the same process each time. Now refined and polished, the “Story Alchemy Process: 4 Steps to Happiness” is an integral part of my latest novel, Heart Dancing: A Story Alchemy Adventure (now available on Amazon). Look for more products and books about this amazing process, that can take you from miserable to happy in less than time than it takes to drink a low-fat Caramel Affogato Java Chip Frappuccino.

Helping people reframe their stories (or the parts that keep them small) is what I love to do. In 2013, I became a Certified Trainer of Infinite Possibilities, based on the New York Times best-selling book by Mike Dooley. Because I wanted to reach as many people as possible, I created an e-course based on this life-changing material. It teaches the same information, in a visual and media-rich format. To learn more, please visit my website and following the links (KathrynEriksen.com).

Learn to live your life deliberately and joyfully!


Remember, you have a choice in every moment.

Do you continue to act small and suffer, or

do you choose to let go and let love in? 

Let. Love. Lead.

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18 thoughts on “About ME

    • Thank you for letting me know. As I move through life, I am more convinced that we do not see what is real, only the illusions of what we believe are real. Your appreciation for my attempts to “pull back the curtain” are gratifying. Blessings!


  1. the green goddess rules and I do not mean the salad dressing. I understand late blooming bu the world “published” eludes me. Maybe one day I will convince someone to lose money on my words. . . .



    • You have it backwards! You don’t “convince someone to lose money on your words.” You convince yourself that your words are valuable. Anyone can get their work published – on WordPress or any other blogging site. But you can take it a step further and write an ebook to publish on Kindle or a paperback to sell on Amazon. No cost upfront – Amazon makes its money on the sale of the product (they take 30% of every sale, you get paid 70%). So you can see, there is no need to “convince someone to lose money on your words.”

      The bigger question is whether you see your words are valuable.

      Hope this helps —


  2. Hello,

    I noticed you are linking to a handful of meaning of life, happiness sites and blogs, but you aren’t linking out to http://www.happening-life.com

    Have you seen it yet? It provides a ton of value to anyone who loves to read about life’s meaning, how to be happy, self development tips etc

    Hope you’re having a lovely day! Keep up the good work.

    Farhat Godil


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