3 Mistakes People Make in Wealth Creation and What to Do Instead

We have abused the concept of wealth, and narrowly defined it as money, possessions, and ownership.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The true meaning of wealth had always been right in front of us. The word “wealth” comes from the Old English word, “weal,” which means well-being. Well-being is alignment of your mental, emotional, physical, and mental energies.

I call it “wealergy,” or “wealth energy.”

When you live from the narrow definition of wealth, the results often are troubling, dissatisfying, and disheartening. Desperate to succeed, you continue to create from the same level of awareness. It worked for Jeff Bezos, so why doesn’t it work for me?

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. – Albert Einstein

Change your definition of wealth and you will avoid the mistakes people make by living from the narrow view.

Mistake #1: Create from Ego, Not Essence.

Ego is the “I” versus “You” and creates a sense of separation. Creation from ego energy tends to fall into the narrow wealth definition, because it is always starts with action. Striving for more, manipulation of events or people, and controlling the results are indicators that you are creating from your ego.

There is another way.

Your essence is the energy of creation. Essence energy is open, expansive, and all-encompassing. It elevates everyone and everything and comes from the alignment of your being. It is the starting place of all creation and the birthplace of wealth as energy.

Essence is always to starting place to create from wealergy (wealth energy).

Mistake #2: Action is the First Step, When It Is the Last.

Ego wealth creation always emphasizes action. Desire motivates the action, but if the desire is rooted in ego energy, it tends to separate, judge, and control (See Mistake #1). When the source of your behavior is from the ego, the tendency is to strive, always pushing toward the goal, and never reassessing from feedback.

When you create from wealergy (wealth energy), you are aligned in your mental, emotional, physical, and mental energies. Your next steps become clear because you listen to your inner guidance system instead of your ego. Action falls into the natural order of movement towards a goal.

Instead of striving, you allow the next step to be revealed.

Mistake #3: The End Result Defines You

The ego always shouts these types of messages:

↪️You are powerless to change.

↪️You are the sum of your accomplishments.

↪️You’re an idiot because you didn’t do XYZ.

The ego is never satisfied and always demands more. It’s an endless hamster wheel of striving, possession, and obsession over the result. You will never be satisfied when you create from ego energy.

The end result in wealergy creation isn’t the goal – it’s a nice byproduct of who you have already become and what you have already experienced. When you create from your essence, you open the portal to Divine Love to co-create with you. Having Divine Love on your side changes everything and move the end result to its proper place in the order of creation.

Your essence is your wealth. – Rumi

You are a creative being, here to explore aspects of life on earth. Your ego is a necessary tool in your creations, but it is not the Director or Producer of your life’s experience. When you place your ego aside and begin to create from your essence energy, you will become a Wealergist, a person who understands the wealth creation steps.

Become a Wealergist, not an Egotist, and watch your life transform.

. . .

Learn more about how to create wealth from your essence, not your ego, from Flow, The Money Tree.

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