God Winks

Even before we left the ground, there was “something afoot.” As I took my seat and settled in, the conversation behind me captured my attention.

“Where are you going in Hong Kong?” Ben asked.

The other man responded. “I’m not staying in Hong Kong. I am flying on to the Philippines to marry my sweetheart.”

That bit of information definitely caught my ear. An American flying to the Philippines to get married? A quick look behind me confirmed that he was traveling alone.

Ben took this information in stride. In fact, he confirmed it when he said, “That’s what we did more than five years ago!”

The man getting married couldn’t believe it. Another American, with his Philippine bride, on their way to Hong Kong, just happen to sit in the same row?

That, my friends, is a God Wink.

They shared stories about how they met their brides. They shared information about how to best bring her to the United States. Once that connection was made, they became brothers-in-arms, out to conquer the world.

But that is not where this story ends. Just as we were about to pull away from the gate, one of the flight attendants stopped at the row behind me. She asked the man about to be married if he would like to move up to the bulkhead seat. She didn’t ask me, or the woman sitting next to me. She went directly to him, focused and purposeful.

It was if she was acting on orders.

He declined, saying he was comfortable. But Ben and his wife asked if they could move. And just like that, two seats opened in Row 28.

I am in Row 27, in the window seat, sitting next to a rather large man who was hogging the arm rests. As Ben and his wife gathered up their things to move, the guy next to me also got up.

He never came back! So now I have the middle seat to use on this 15 hour flight to the other side of the world. My row mate is a gentle woman on her way to the Philippines.

It’s another God Wink!

Thank you for reading and sharing my stories.


Infor on the Hong Kong Flight

The flight time is 15 hours.

We fly north to then west over Denver to then over Anchorage, Alaska. Nome is also on the flight map…so I assume we go over the North Pole. On to Kamchatka Pyongyang then HK. Distance is just over 8,000 miles.

We are flying at 30,000 feet with an air speed of 576 mpg. the temperature is -38 degrees.

We left on Monday, May 15 at 11:00 a.m. When we reach HK, it will be at 12:00 a.m. the same day (Dallas time). The time in HK will be Tuesday, May 16 at 3:17 p.m.

I am actually flying into the future!

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