Fall in Love with a Book

I have a confession to make. It’s really not a secret, but in today’s world of digital images, my confession may seem old-fashioned or even outdated. I hope that is not true.

Even though I love to surf the ‘net on my iPhone, take videos or listen to the universe of songs available on Spotify, I still carry a deep and abiding love for the printed page. E-readers are convenient and my nightstand is far less cluttered than in the old days, but I still find myself picking up a favorite book and just holding it, treasuring how it made me feel. I can’t quite muster that same connection with my Kindle.

I came across this wonderful video that I wanted to share with everyone who has a love of reading. It may just inspire you to give a physical book this holiday season.

There – I said it. I LOVE BOOKS.

They form some of the steps in my Heart Dance.

Raise your hand if you feel the same way.


2 thoughts on “Fall in Love with a Book

  1. Totally agree!! I love my Kindle for novels and other little gems of entertainment. But ahhhh – my “real” books are those that continue to nourish me over the years …those that are dog-eared, underlined, starred, etc. Those “friends” I return to time after time for nourishment, or a refresher-course that speaks to me differently as my life evolves. I give books as gifts a lot too; however, I never know if they’re received with the same enthusiasm as they were given (especially for the grandchildren in my life). That’s okay. All we can do is offer our passion, right?


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