Declare 2015 as Your Year of Empowering Stories

StoryAlchemyAs you are about to step into a new year, sparkling with possibilities and shining with opportunities, don’t you feel a compulsion to get rid of the old? Besides the physical (lose weight, eat better, etc.) have you thought about the stories you have created about your past that you still tell yourself today?

Stories are the way you relate to the outside world. Stories hold your interpretation of events and people who reflect back your own recognition of self-worth and value. Stories can be uplifting or damaging, expanding or limiting, accepting or judgmental.

The wondrous thing about stories is that you – only you – create them.

The disastrous thing about stories is that you – only you – create them.

As we move into 2015, why not begin by pulling out the stories about your past that keep you playing small? You know the ones I mean – when your brother/sister got something instead of you, when you made a mistake about money and decided that you would never be good with money, or when your pet destroyed something and you blamed yourself.

No one can see inside your head except for you. You are the only person on the planet who can change your story. Remember – you are not changing the facts involved – just your interpretation of it. And that makes all the difference.

I call it Story Alchemy. It is a simple, 4 step process that changes your stories from lead to gold. I have used it in my own life and it has created miracles in my relationships, my work and my faith. As I began alchemizing my limiting stories, I found myself reacting differently to that person or situation. As my reactions changed, my relationships changed. I am happier, freer to express myself authentically and peaceful with my place in the world.

Instead of playing the victim card, I began to play the empowerment card.

And that had made all the difference.

It all starts with you. You are at the center of your universe. You decide how you want to see yourself as you move from the center to the outside. Why not see yourself as a powerful creator, a positive influence, a hero?

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Let’s make 2015 the Year of Empowering Stories – one person at a time!

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The Quality of Your Life Depends On the Questions You Ask

When I was five years old, my bother and I wanted to learn how to ride our bicycles without training wheels. Dad took them off each bike and said, “Are you sure?” We both nodded and couldn’t wait for the morning.  bike-with-training-wheels

The next day, Mom took us to the curb in front of our house and had my brother go first. With some pushing from behind and encouragement from us, he wobbled down the street and as he picked up speed, straightened. The grin on his face was enough for me to say, “Now it’s my turn!”

But Mom had to go back inside the house…something about something. All I knew was that he got to take that next important step forward and I had to wait. My five-year old emotional self couldn’t see through the tears, but something broke through the veil and I had a sense of loving energy surrounding me. One minute I was lost, rejected and alone…and the next minute, I was loved, protected and safe.

I grabbed my brother and we went back outside to where our bikes were leaning against the curb. I climbed on my bike and asked him to push me. He looked a bit worried but could see the determination in my eyes and knew better than to argue. He ran along beside me, pushing as I pedaled, then I broke free.

I actually believed I could fly!

I have reflected many times on that moment of being lost in myself, alone, angry and frustrated, then feeling something surround me with love. That loving energy blasted my little self apart and I stepped into a union with something much bigger than me.

What happened?

Looking back on that defining moment, I now realize what I was doing as I cried against the obvious injustice. I asked a question that never leads anywhere. It is really more of a word than a question, but it has always been used by humans to try to make sense of their life. One word, asked to relieve pain and suffering, actually does the opposite. It takes you down a spiraling vortex of negative emotions, leading to nowhere. What is that word, asked through the millennia?


Why did this happen? Why am I such an idiot? Why does he get everything he wants and I have to wait? Why? Why? Why?

Can you see how that question always leads to more questions? If you do come up with an answer, it is always at your own expense. You become the victim because you are looking outside of yourself for the reason why this happened.

Whenever you play the victim’s role, your power is forgotten.

Instead of asking “Why?” that loving energy so many years ago showed me a different question to ask. It also reminded me that I was safe, worthy and well-loved. As long as I started from that place of worthiness, I could never do anything wrong, because I remained in my own power to choose and create. The empowering question is also one word, but it leads to expansion and growth, not despair.

What one word should you use to tap into your creative powers, heal yourself and your world?


How can I learn to ride my bike now? (go out and try) How can I do this better? How can I become the person I dream of being?

Can you see that asking”How?” taps into your creative juices? Your mind immediately begins to supply answers to questions starting with “How?” and it liberates you to approach problems with a solution mindset. It also taps into your own self-worth, because it forces you to lean on yourself, instead of blame the outside world. As you take steps toward your goal, you reinforce your own creative abilities to become more.

As we stand on the cusp of a new year, train yourself to ask the questions that will lead to expansion and growth. Become mindful of the questions that you ask, because they have a direct impact on your life.

Take off the training wheels of victimhood and learn to fly!


To read more about these concepts and to learn how to ask empowering questions, please visit my new websites:    and

When Your Goal is Love

Goal LoveWe see what we want to see.

Choose to see love and that is what you will see.

It works all the time, without question.

Let me know what you see in the next few days and let’s dance!  #HeartDancing

It is Impossible to Fail

This morning, I was talking on the phone with a close friend about my latest adventure (Heart Dancing Radio). I could hear the fear behind my words and knew that she would pick up on it. I tried to mask it with the usual social phrases, but I had no doubt that she would go straight to the heart of my confusion.

It didn’t take long.

“What are you afraid of?” she asked gently.

I had been asking myself that question all morning, but when she mirrored my own doubt, it suddenly became clear.


I waited for the encouraging words…the pep talk…the “don’t focus on failure but success” advice. It never came. Instead, she asked another question that rocked my world.

“Are you willing to be unique in a world of conformity?”

It was as if time stopped. The mind chatter that usually pounded in my head froze and all was silent, waiting for my answer.

Was I willing to be unique? To step out of my carefully constructed persona and into my deepest truths? If I shared those truths and didn’t receive the accolades or “success” I craved, would I be a failure?

The answer to all of these questions lay before me, glistening in the sun, like a compass pointing to the path less traveled. I smiled to myself, turned toward the smaller, single path that could only be seen where the compass lay. The rest of the path was obscured and blurry, but it didn’t matter. I had found my direction and knew that whatever happened to me on the path of uniqueness, it was impossible to fail.

I laughed at this insight and actually felt the fear disappear from my body and my mind. A deep breath opened my heart and I danced with “the one that brought me.” After several minutes of celebration, I returned to the conversation.

“I just realized something,” I declared to my friend. “When I am standing in my uniqueness, I can’t fail!”

She laughed and with love, joy and acceptance, acknowledged my decision.

“Well done!”

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Listen with Your Heart

Info2Guess what?

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Fall in Love with a Book

I have a confession to make. It’s really not a secret, but in today’s world of digital images, my confession may seem old-fashioned or even outdated. I hope that is not true.

Even though I love to surf the ‘net on my iPhone, take videos or listen to the universe of songs available on Spotify, I still carry a deep and abiding love for the printed page. E-readers are convenient and my nightstand is far less cluttered than in the old days, but I still find myself picking up a favorite book and just holding it, treasuring how it made me feel. I can’t quite muster that same connection with my Kindle.

I came across this wonderful video that I wanted to share with everyone who has a love of reading. It may just inspire you to give a physical book this holiday season.

There – I said it. I LOVE BOOKS.

They form some of the steps in my Heart Dance.

Raise your hand if you feel the same way.