Paris – Dream or Reality?

Living in a quaint apartment with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Seine has always been a treasured dream. To know the ways of Paris and melt into the culture draws me with a magnetic force, so compelling, that I almost wonder if I did not live there in a past life. But is my dream Paris actually obtainable, or will the brick and mortar city of lights present a different face once I finally arrive?

Well, I am about to find out.

Our flight takes off at 5:20 p.m. on May 31st. The last day of the month. Even though the actual time in the air is 9 hours, we arrive the next day – June 1st – at 9:30 a.m. Do they tell you when you have passed midnight and entered a new day? Or does it flow seamlessly by, unnoticed and unmarked by sleeping airline passengers?

We are taking the B line train to our apartment in St.-Germain-des-Pres. An adventure in itself, to navigate the airport, find the ticket window, communicate where we are going, pay in euros, board the correct train and arrive at the St. Michael station. When the flickers of anxiety about what could go wrong touch me, I take a deep breath and see the entire process going smoothly.

And my thoughts, intention and desire make it so.

This same approach is how I am going to move through this wonderful adventure. Moment by moment, I will be open to the wonder, joy and excitement that is Paris. They say that the air in Paris is different – if it is, I will confirm it.

Memories are made from the moments of life.  I plan to string my memories together in a necklace of delicate beauty, encased in the rarest emotional jewels and hung on a golden strand of joy de vivre.  And you, my dear readers, will accompany me as I wParis | gargoyles!rite about those moments and the necklace begins to fill.

I know that a city as densely populated, historically significant and holding so many tourist attractions will have many faces. To me, even the gargoyles are intriguing!

Whatever face Paris shows me, I will be curious, accepting and enthralled. And maybe, just maybe, I might spot the side of Paris that has haunted me in my dreams.

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Paris…Moment by Moment

I am fortunate to finally go on my dream trip — a week in Paris, staying in Parisan neighborhood and experiencing Paris, not just seeing the tourist sights.

My hope is to capture some of the many moments of the trip on this blog. My goal is to reveal details of my trip that will make it real to you, dear reader, while you are sitting in front of your digital screen. My aspiration is to be astute enough to capture the spirit and essence of this fabulous city.

Won’t you join me…moment by moment?la Vie Parisienne

Simple Technique to Clear

“Here is a mental treatment guaranteed to
cure every ill that flesh is heir to:
sit for half an hour every night and
mentally forgive everyone against whom
you have any ill will or antipathy.”
Charles Fillmore

Let’s all try this for 7 days and see how it has transformed our world.


Simple Steps to Love on Mother’s Day, Even If You are Dreading it!


Today is Mother’s Day, a holiday to celebrate all of the wonderful qualities found in mothers. Unselfish love. Infinite support. Utter and complete belief in a child’s potential.

But what if you do not have such a great relationship with your mom? Are you dreading any celebrations today? Maybe you are the mom being celebrated but your relationship with your children is strained. There is hope…if you are willing to try something different.

Before going out to be with family, take a few moments for yourself. Take several deep breaths to calm your mind. Repeat the following:

I am worthy of love. I am love. I am joy.

Imagine your day from the point of love. See everyone smiling, happy and relaxed. Enjoy each other and appreciate their uniqueness. Set aside judgement for today and love them as fully as you possibly can. See the light in the other person, not the darkness.

Your day will follow a much different path than if you began it with fear.  It works every time…because your thoughts create your reality. Starting your day with loving thoughts produces a much different experience than if you began today with fear, dread or resentment.

Your energy changed from fear to love and your reality has to follow.

It’s called “Thought Become Things” and this concept, as well as many others, are taught in a 6 six-week e-course. Learn more at

Spread the light and more will be returned to you.

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In that Breath…Creation Is

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow.

Our life is the creation of our mind.  — Buddha

What do I want to create today?

Ask yourself that question just after you wake up and you are in that in-between space of dreaming and slipping back into your body. It’s that moment when you could slip back into sleep for a bit longer, or start your day.

Treasure that moment in time, because you are at your most creative in that breath.

Your thoughts are the purist… in that breath.

Your desires and dreams are just a tick away…in that breath.

Your emotions are chosen…in that breath.

So choose well and choose with love.

Breathe in your goodness and light and exhale your acknowledgment of all that is good.

Know that you are supported in whatever you choose…

because the Universe has a crush on you.

Let your day begin!UniverseCrush







How to Move from Fear to Love

My 12-year-old daughter was about to go onstage as the lead in Pollyanna. We had talked about visualization and deep breathing, getting centered and knowing that the words would come out of her mouth at the right time. I was not allowed backstage so I could only sit in the audience and wait, sending up fervent prayers for God to be with her.

The stage darkened. The audience quieted. The auditorium waited in anticipation for the play to begin. I gripped my husband’s hand and felt fear invade my body. My only hope was that she was not experiencing the same thing.

When her cue came, she strolled confidently on stage, fully in character as Aunt Polly. I breathed a sigh of relief and let go of my husband’s hand (he shook it to regain some of the feeling back after my death grip reduced the blood flow).

All was well.  The play was a huge success and we congratulated the actors on a job well done. It was not until after we had gotten home that I could ask her how she did, the moment before she went onstage.

She looked at me in surprise and said, “I chose love over fear.”

I was astonished at her insight and wisdom. It took me about two seconds to realize that I had the same choice, sitting in the audience waiting for the play to start.

And I had chosen fear.

Fortunately, my daughter made a different choice. She portrayed Aunt Polly’s transformation from stern and unhappy to joyful and loving, with sincerity and finesse. The “glad game” that Pollyanna practiced in every situation (find the good in any circumstance and be glad) was a gentle reminder to always see the positive instead of the negative. Or to put it another way, to choose love over fear.summit of u.p.

My lesson was a wake-up call. I had a choice and I chose the one that was guaranteed to make me feel small, afraid and frightened. I have learned from that night to watch my thoughts and feelings and to see the expansion that can only come when I chose love.

Love truly conquers all.