Infinite Possibilities Playshop

Infinite Possibilities Playshop.

E-Squared, Second Set

I just completed Experiment # 3 and 4 of E-Squared, a new book by Pam Grout.  The premise of the book is to prove to you, the reader, that your thoughts really do matter.  That is, your thoughts change matter. Matter is what makes your reality. The nine experiments in the book take you by the hand and gently prove that your thoughts create your reality.

As I try each experiment, I wanted to share my own thoughts, insights and experiences. This is the second post in this series (my previous post is titled, “E-Squared is a Fun Read”).

Experiment #3 is the Alby Einstein Principle.  The subtitle is “You, Too, are a Field of Energy.” That pretty much sums it up. You live in a field of energy and you are energy. Mass and energy are two forms of the same thing.  As Pam puts it, “Energy is liberated matter, and matter is energy waiting to happen.”

Since we can’t see, taste or touch energy, we may discount how powerful it is.  But we can manipulate it with our thoughts, and that is the purpose of Experiment #3.  The best way to explain this experiment is to show you how to do it.  Leslie Draper has a short video that is fun to watch.

I made my own “Einstein Wands” out of two coat hangers, and used duct tape instead of straws. But it still worked!  When I concentrated my thoughts on positive things that made me smile, the ends of each coat hanger expanded until it looked like I had two arms open wide.  When I thought of negative things, they contracted and crossed. Basically, they collapsed onto each other.

This is a great way to explain quantum physics to anyone who is skeptical about whether your thoughts have an effect on your world.  Imagine having portable “Wands” that are letting you know throughout your day if you are positive or negative in that moment!

Experiment #4 is called “The Abracadabra Principle: Whatever You Focus on Expands.” Pam provides some hilarious examples of this principle while she explains the concept. Your thoughts are powerful.  In fact, every thought is powerful.  Unless your thoughts are focused and your intention is clear, your inconsistent thoughts will create battlefields in the Field of Potentiality (“FP”). That is why you receive mixed results when you have tried to “manifest” something in your life.

Instead of using a shotgun to hit a target, use a laser.

Experiment #4 uses nothing but the power of your thoughts to magnetize something into your life.  Set a specific intention, with details and a deadline of 48 hours.  My intention was to have a particular friend call me for lunch. The amazing thing is that just as the 48 hours was ticking to a close, guess who called?

Reading E-Squared and actually using these experiments in my own life has affirmed my new path. I have created a 6 week e-course called, “Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life” that soon be available.  The course is based on the New York Times best-selling book by the same name, written by Mike Dooley (

All of these concepts and ideas have the power to change your life, if you adopt them and life them.  If you haven’t picked up a copy of E-Squared, don’t wait – it will change you.  And change your thinking, which is exactly the point!


“E Squared” is a Fun Read

I stumbled across a book called E Squared by Pam Grout.  It was really the subtitle that caught my attention: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

Intriguing, right?  e-squared-smaller

It turned out to be much more than merely intriguing.  Pam took the complicated subject of quantum physics and turned it into nine ways to prove to you that that is the way energy works.  These are simple exercises that most of us do every day without thinking about it.

But now you will – think about it – when you personally experience your thoughts impacting the physical world around you.

You learn these lessons in the best way possible – through stories.  Stories from Pam’s life, from other people she knows and from her adventures as a travel writer.  As any good teacher knows, stories are the best way to illustrate a point and keep the audience engaged in the lesson.

Pam does both magnificently.

You may be wondering if the experiments work. Most of them are to be completed within 48 hours or less. I have completed the first two experiments with the following results:

1.  The Dude Abides Principle (There is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities): For the span of 48 hours, your purpose is to look for evidence of the “Field of Potentiality” by stating a clearly defined request and a concrete deadline.

I asked for a blessing or a sign that my father, (96 1/2 years old who can no longer speak clearly) was surrounded by love. This request was made at 8:02 a.m.  My phone rang at 8:03 a.m. It was my dad, who said clearly, plainly and with conviction, “You are the best daughter in the world. I love you.” That was enough for me.  More than enough.

2.  The Volkswagen Jetta Principle (You impact the field and draw from it according to your beliefs and expectations): Everyone does this – you buy a new car in a particular color and suddenly, it seems like everyone is driving that car. This change in perception proves that what you see in your life is a direct reflection of your inner thoughts and emotions.  And if you don’t like what you see, then change your thoughts and emotions.

For 24 hours, I decided to look for light colored silver cars. I know, silver is the most popular color (or was until white took over). As soon as I made this commitment, I took my dogs outside for a walk. As I was standing, facing the intersection that is near our house, I started noticing the flow of cars passing me.  I decided to put Ms. Grout to the test and see how many light colored silver cars came by.  In the span of 60 seconds, every single car was that color!

By this time, my dogs had finished their business and we were walking home. I looked at the cross street for a few seconds to see how  many light colored silver cars were passing, and after counting 12, I laughed and turned away.  Mind you, this was definitely not a controlled experiment, but the results are too amazing to ignore.

English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly.

English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The next 24 hours were to look for yellow butterflies. Since I live in Texas and it is August, yellow butterflies are not exactly flocking to our area. Sadly, I allowed my rational thinking to overcome the intention to see fluttering wings, and I did not notice any butterflies. Until I realized what I had done – block myself.

As soon as I realized that and decided to see yellow butterflies anyway, guess what?  I immediately noticed the one yellow butterfly that was in my kitchen as part of a silk flower arrangement. I not even thought about it during this entire 24 hour period. Until I did think about it.  And that is exactly the point!

As Pam states in that chapter, “There is no power on Earth that can cut you off from this source except your own consciousness.”  I had just proved that to myself by refusing to see yellow butterflies, even when one was right under my nose!

I can’t wait to do the next experiment, “The Alby Einstein Principle: You, Too, Are a Field of Energy.” Why don’t you join me and we can compare notes?

I can’t resist ending with those famous words from Star Wars: May the force be with you!