Why are You Here?

Why are you here, on this planet, at this particular time in history, born into your family with its unique personalities, characteristics and perhaps, dysfunctional relationships? What stories have you created to bring meaning to your experiences, your conflicts, your trials and tribulations? Are there areas in your life where you have stopped growing and evolving?

At some point, every person who has ever taken a breath on this planet has asked these or similar questions. It is the quality of your “wondering” questions that define your life. The answers you receive are there, waiting to be discovered, accepted and celebrated.

The journey of self-inquiry can begin at any time. For some, tragedy spurs them to ask the tough questions. For others, a failed marriage or a serious health scare can motivate self-awareness. But for me, it was none of those things. I was simply an unfulfilled product of the Baby Boomer Generation. When I turned 48 years old, I had reached the sign on my path that read, “Is this all there is?”

Not as dramatic as becoming a widow before the age of 30 or surviving cancer and starting a nonprofit foundation to help raise money for research. But there it is…I was basically dissatisfied with myself and unfulfilled by my chosen career.

The seeds of discontentment can reap a bountiful crop. Once I began to look for answers, it almost seemed as if they were right there in front of me. Of course, that is always true…I had only to open my mind to see them.

Remember to start from where you are and allow your curiosity to lead you forward, one step at a time. You will be amazed at what you discover about yourself, your belief and thought patterns and how they have created your life. Once you have that “Aha” moment, you will recognize that if you created your life as it is today, and then maybe you can create a different life. It is the process of creation at its best — and your life is the final product!


2 thoughts on “Why are You Here?

  1. you are absolutely right. For me it was a 20+ year abusive marriage, where I had an aha moment, and I was gone three weeks later.
    The last six months of my life have changed me so much that I can’t believe I am the same person. Every day is full of delight, synchronicities, bright and happy people, grace, gratitude, and I could talk about it all day!
    I have truly discovered myself and my truths about how I wish to live my life. I am living large and dreaming big! Thank you for your post today.


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