Take a minute to read the attached blog from Hannah Brencher, the instigator behind “More Letters.”

hannah brencher.

“Now, in just a few minutes these doors are going to open and you’ll have the opportunity to put all the things you learned today into action… does everyone have their resumes ready?”

I was standing in the middle of a hotel lobby in Newport, Rhode Island, surrounded by a slew of undergraduates wearing bad khakis and ballet flats and praying for the life of me that I might disappear. That the roof might cave in. That anything would transpire to keep me from heading into the gauntlet to “network.”

I was attending a leadership conference. I was a senior in college and all sorts of antsy about my future and the “real world.” Networking would be the creme brulee of the evening and we’d be unleashed into a room full of professionals who were “supposedly” interested in what we had to say.

We’d spent the afternoon learning how to balance…

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