Visionaries – Another Great Tool to Realize Your Dreams

I am the last one to claim to be “techno-savvy” or sharp enough to utilize all of the social media tools available to expand your network (have you “linked-in” your FB page so it updates every time you tweet something new?)

Having said that (and shown my ignorance by that last string of words), there is one social media tool that I have fallen in love with – both as a writer and as a dreamer of better things.  Every night, before I go to bed, I spend about five minutes on this platform.  It always makes me feel lights, happier, and more optimistic that my life will soon transform into the images I found and selected.

Have you guessed what it is?

English: Red Pinterest logo

Pinterest is just like a vision board or scrapbook.  But instead of tearing up magazines and using glue sticks to create your dreamboard, you do it online.

You can create as many boards on Pinterest as you want.  As you start playing with it, your imagination is guaranteed to explode in ways you could never dream of.  And isn’t that the point of a dreamboard?

Do you fantasize about traveling to exotic locals or even famous landmarks? You can pin photos taken by professional photographers and amateurs of those places.  Looking for ideas for a home project? Interior decorators have discovered this fabulous tool and are more than willing to share their tips and solutions.

The possibilities are endless…which is the very reason why I love to pin!

Pinterest is also great to connect with other like-minded dreamers.  You can share posts, even pin your own photographs!  There are many businesses now that are using it as another way to market, but you just skip past those and feast your eyes on the glorious pictures.

Check out Pinterest and let me know if you agree with me.  And you can even check out my boards at

And be sure to let me know about your boards – let’s see if we can pin together and create something magical!

Anatomy of a Best-Selling Novel—Structure Part One

Kristen Lamb's Blog

The normal world’s connect to the…inciting incident. Inciting incident’s connected to the…turning point. The turning point’s connected to the…next act….and here’s the bones of your boooooook.

Okay, I promise to stop singing…for now :D.

Want a way to stand out from all the other writers clamoring to get an agent’s attention? Want to be a best-selling author with stories that endure the tests of time? Want a runaway indie success that sells loads of copies?

Learn all you can about the craft, particularly novel structure. Structure is one of those boring topics like finance or taxes. It isn’t nearly as glamorous as creating characters or reading about ways to unleash our creative energy.

Since we are closing in on National Novel Writing Month, I am dedicating Mondays to some of those core issues that writers (particularly new writers) struggle to grasp. Those of you who’ve been following my blog…

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Writers — Listen up!


Just a quick note to tell you about a wonderful writer I just discovered, who loves to share her knowledge, expertise and humor on the craft of writing.  She has discovered many ways to connect to people and is happy to share her secrets.

Now it is up to you to listen.

If you are ready to learn and finally have your writing soar about the noise, please visit Kristen Lamb’s blog at

I just ordered her book on blogging and will write a review as soon as I have devoured it.  So hang on to your hats – we are in for a fabulous ride!


Find Your Voice


I do not like to listen to myself on a recording or voice mail.  The recorded voice always sounds like a stranger to my ears, not the voice that I hear as I speak.  Perhaps because our physical senses dilute the true sounds we hear in our head?

Finding your voice is much more than agreeing with the quality of a recording.  External noise can easily drown out the valuable inner dialogue that takes place in any situation.  When the noise of the world intrudes too deeply, it is time to take yourself out of the race.

It is the voice of your authentic self that you seek.

English: Photographs of the Rally to Restore S...

English: Photographs of the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Only it can provide the true north of your dreams.  Listen for it the next time you have a decision to make, whether large or small in scope.  To your inner voice, it is all the same.  And it only asks one question, the very essence of which is answered by your willingness to listen well.

“By this choice, are you reflecting God or ego?”

Your answer will seal your fate.  If your choice reflects God, then it must also radiate love.  If your decision is ego-based, then fear is surely involved.  The question can be asked another way, in another form.

“By this decision, are you choosing love or fear?”

The path lies before you, split into two directions.  One path meanders through a lush forest, dark green ferns dancing in the breeze while the pine trees rustle overhead.  Birds fly silently through the leafy canopy while the silence is so loud that your ears hurt.  Love envelopes you totally from the inside out and you know in your heart of hearts that you are in the presence of the Divine.

The other path is quite different, stark in its contrast and energy.  It looks inviting from a distance, but upon closer inspection, it dissolves into the bleakest desert, the sun beating down mercilessly.  All moisture instantly evaporated and no hope exists in this landscape of fear.  A sense of doom invades your soul.

Again – do you chose love or fear? With every breath you take, you make that choice by the thoughts you think and the choices you make based on those thoughts.

Remember – love always expands and fear always contracts.  When you consider your decision, ask what the results will be – expansion or contraction?

Listen to your inner voice. It will always guide you toward love.

The Mixing Bowl of Life

You are constantly creating and transforming yourself.


Everytime you have a thought about something, or decide to take action or not, you have added another layer to your life.  Because it is the thoughts you think, the beliefs you hold and the actions you take that create your life.

You could even call it the Mixing Bowl of Life.

Many people are under the false impression that outside events are the forces that shape their lives.  Whether it is the economy (or lack thereof), the depth (or not) of their personal relationships or any of the other zillion possibilities, they look to the material world for their answers.

Psssstttt…the answer is not out there.  It’s all in here.

Take a moment and point to yourself.  Look at where you pointed.  I can almost guarantee that you pointed to the middle of your chest, near your heart.

That is where You are – in your heart.  Not your head, not your brain, not the 60,000 thoughts you think a day.  So where do you believe the answers are to your burning questions?  Out there or in your heart?

The mixing bowl of life’s ingredients is on the inside.

Your outward life reflects the inside of your mixing bowl.  If it is filled with anger, resentment, frustration and pain, that is recipe for an unhappy life.  But if your mixing bowl is filled with love, sprinkled with joy, salted with adventure and spiced with abundance, your life becomes nothing short of miraculous.

Wnat to know that the cool thing is?  You – yes, only you – decide what gets added or deleted from your mixing bowl.  Your parents cannot contribute (unless you let them), your job doesn’t make a difference (unless you allow it) and your spouse, friends or family cannot deposit anything.

Only you have control over what goes into your mixing bowl.

That is the awesome power you have over your life.  It is also an awesome responsibility and one that only you can master…for yourself.

Have you taken inventory lately?  What recipe are you cooking that is becoming your life?  If you don’t like the end result, go back to the beginning and change the ingredients.  It really is that simple.

But how do you do that?  Were do you start?

No one can know the answer for you.  Only you know your issues, your personal background and the dynamics of your relationships – with others and with yourself.  You are a unique and special person who has never existed before in just this way, and who will never exist again is this form.  So truly, you are the designer, cook, mixer and baker of your life.

My mission is to help illuminate your way with insights I have gained on my journey.  Some of them may resonate with you; others may leave you unaffected.  No worries, because I am not in charge of your growth and transformation.


Once you truly grasp that concept and integrate it into your world, watch out. Your life is about to rise, expand and become the most delicious thing you have ever experienced!

Your Creation Formula

Ever wonder how we create our lives?  Or do you believe that you have nothing to do with how your life looks right now?  For the purposes of this short article, I will assume that you have seen the movie, “The Secret” or that you know about the “thoughts become things” approach to life that is described by Mike Dooley in his various books or at his website (

You do realize that time and space are illusions, don’t you?  We are here inside time and space to be creators, and see how that plays out in the mists of time and space.  We are the beginning of the creation timeline, not the end.

We are the cause, not the effect.

Creation always begins with the end in mind.  The “end” or final result is created first in your imagination, then you take action to move towards it.  It becomes physical and manifested when the Universe moves to bring the energy, forces, people and events together to bring it out into physical reality.

The Creation Formula is the following:

  1. Imagine the result, feel it, believe in it.
  2. Take action toward it – you have to be on the playing field to kick the ball.
  3. Allow the Universe to do its job – it will take care of the “hows”

Try it yourself.  Imagine a result you desire.  Take the time to feel the energy of you receiving that result.  Imagine the consequences of the result being manifested, then take action – some action – towards your end result.  Logic or reasoning is good as long as it does not make you detour from your end goal.  Just don’t get too caught up in the “hows” or you will be stepping on the Universe’s toes.

The deliciousness of life is that you decide what you want, but you have no way to predict how it will come to you.  Life is here to support your journey.

As long as you don’t get in the way.

Its like going into the rental store and choosing a movie – is it a romantic comedy or a spy thriller?  Action adventure or a family movie?  You choose what movie you want to see, but you don’t know the intricacies of the plot, the dialogue or events until you watch the movie.  It is the not knowing that keeps you entertained and engaged.

Life is just like that – you choose the general outline and what you want to experience.  But the Universe delivers it to you – always unpredictably but always perfectly for what you want to accomplish or experience.

There is a greater force that supports you!  God loves you and helps you in your creations.  If you choose to be negative, he will support you.  If you choose to be positive, same support.  God does not judge what you choose – you do!  You have the freedom to choose whatever you want – and you will be supported in your choice.

So why not choose deliberately and well?  Why not become who you are?  Why not just BE the you that you came to experience?  Stop playing games and get on with it.