Comments on the Need to Write

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This process is really fun! I simply asked for comments, and in they flowed, like a river winding its way through my blog.

This experience has convinced me that we all have a need to share our experiences with someone else.  It validates us and provides an external mirror to view our thoughts and beliefs.  The sharing also allows us to give to someone else what our experience has taught us.  A bond is shared, almost like a power cord,  if only for a moment in time.  Just imagine what would happen if the combined experience and intelligence of 7 billion people were to focus on the same thing!

Please keep sending your comments.  The following are wonderful insights that I received – enjoy! wrote: 

I write to make sense of my world, the things that have happened to me. I write for my own sanity.

chelton1008 x

For me, as you, recognition is “not” why I write. I write because there’s some unseen force within me that seems to make itself known when I go through this process. At times I can’t even believe what I’ve written! It’s like God is talking to me through the words that often pop onto the page. My responsibility is to drink it in, and share it with whomever crosses my path that needs the same message. I may never write an official blog, or have a book published …but the pages of my journals count for something deeper – at least to me. Perhaps they’re meant for my family who will inherit them when I pass from this life. Perhaps they’ll be donated in a garage sale ..and a stranger will read a line that will speak some word that is needed. To me, it’s fun and inspiring and encouraging to think these thoughts and go through the exercise. That’s why I write.

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