Life’s Cup of Coffee

As I step deeply into my fifties, I connect with spiritual concepts on a deeper level.  The world of form takes a back seat to the idea that shimmers just beyond my physical awareness.  When I finally see it, the overlay of that concept draped on my life brings everything into perspective.

For example, I was drinking coffee early one morning, and the thought occurred to me that the air surrounding the cup was shaped by the cup’s form.  I started concentrating on the air and space instead of the cup and that is when it hit me.English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...

We are just like the cup!

Before you dismiss me as a crazy loon, let me explain.  Every human who has ever walked the earth came here as a body, mind and spirit.  Although the form of the body changes, the spirit for everyone is the same – a piece of God, if you will.  But we can’t see spirit…we can’t touch it or taste it…so we tend to dismiss its existence because it does not seem to be verified by our physical senses.

When I had my “aha” moment over my cup of coffee, the analogy was that the Spirit of God is just like air.  We can’t see it…we can’t touch it or taste it…well, you get my point.  So please indulge me for a moment as I continue this analogy.

We are just like the cup – living in a certain shape and form, but surrounded by the Spirit of God.  As we move through life, we tend to collect hurt, anger, pain, resentment from our experiences.  These emotions from the past become debris in our cup, and they take up space where the air once circulated freely.  Live long enough or tragically enough, and your cup of life will be filled with the jetsam of your past, with no space for your essence.

And no connection to the larger air that always surrounds you.

Does that make sense?  Why carry your past with you when it buries your spirit from connecting to God – the larger Spirit?  Learn to release and forgive everything that blocks your essential, spiritual connection with God.  Free yourself from the debris that you can never change and learn to dance.

Your cup will be full and your life will be filled with the essence of what you are — a part of God.

5 thoughts on “Life’s Cup of Coffee

  1. What an inspiring analogy – and a difficult concept to express in words. If only we humans “would” remember that “we are a piece of God,” perhaps we’d be kinder to ourselves. And kindness leads to forgiveness – which leads to love – which leads to … well, ultimately it leads us back to our source from where it all began. Thanks so much for this “food for thought.” I’ll munch on it as I drink my coffee!!


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