Water Musings

Goutte d'eau.

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Water flows and adapts to the banks of the river. It never complains that the shore is too small or not the right shape. It just continues to flow and move, adapting, changing and accepting.

Waves are powerless to stop crashing on the shore. It is the endless dance of creation and destruction, moved by the moon and sustained by the sun. The waves hold nothing back as they meet their destiny; the shore does not cringe or falter as the rush of nature’s power pounds, grinds and takes away.

Water adapts to the shape of the container. The same amount of water can look like more when the glass is tall and narrow, or less when the bowl is wide and open. Effortlessly changing shape and form, it is the same water, composed of the same number of drops and molecules. The shape of those drops and molecules changes as the container changes.

Are you more like the container, rigid and inflexible, insisting that life conform to your exacting standards? Or do you live your life as the water, expanding and contracting as the situation demands, but never spilling a drop of yourself? Effortlessly accepting change and scope but always aware of your core values?

If you are more like the container, it might be time to accept the past, release those persons or things involved and offer the entire situation to God or the Holy Spirit for healing. Your goal is to become fluid and flexible. Not exacting in your expectations of the result but focused on the feeling of your desires.

By releasing your desire to control the outcome, you open a space for God to step into the situation. The water knows it is flowing towards a bigger ocean, just as you will evolve into a bigger version of yourself if you let go of the limitations in your thinking. We are only as big as our thoughts…if you allow God to expand your thoughts into something for his purpose, how much larger will you become?

God is limitless abundance. You have only to surrender to him and let him take care of the “how” while you define the “what”. Your purpose while in form is to be an open portal for His love and grace. He will support your efforts a thousand times because that is what he made you for – to be His creative hand on earth.

You are an instrument of God… A tool of creation. But you are not an inanimate object with no influence or direction. Instead, God created you to create, but he gave you the greatest gift of all – the ability to choose. He will never violate your free will, but He will welcome you back with open arms when you choose to return home.

Just like the prodigal son.

So as you journey in your life, making choices, remember to be fluid like water, flowing over, under and around the stones and limbs that block your path towards a bigger you.

You Are My Mirror

        Have you ever noticed that what triggers annoyance in you about other people is really something that you need to work on yourself?  It is almost as if we project our worst selves onto other people, so that we do not have to resolve it IN ourselves.

For example, if you are a super organized person and you happen to live with someone who rarely makes the bed, you are going to have conflicts.  Without a doubt, it is a sure bet.  So what do you do about it?

The first thing is to recognize that your belief that organization is critical to a happy and contented life…is truly your belief – it belongs to you.  If the other person does not hold that belief, then conflict is insured when you try to impose your belief on them.  The reality is that you are living with a person who has a different belief about orderliness than you.  There is no good or bad in that difference.  There is only the difference.  Trying to convert them to your way of thinking is a recipe for disaster (as I am sure you have already discovered).

So what to do?

This is a great time to do your own work, on yourself.  Why do you believe that organization is as essential as breathing? What agreements did you make in the past that you now equate with this belief?  Keep asking yourself these questions without criticism or judgment.  It is almost as if you are an archeologist on an exciting dig to discover the long lost key to your present behavior.  Maintain a sense of objectivity about the exploration, and I guarantee you will eventually discover the root cause of your belief.  At the end of the day, it is always the same answer.


When you think over your childhood, did you use organization as a way to control your world? Was security somehow tied into how you made your bed or how clean your room was? Did you only receive approval from your parents if you were neat, orderly and well-mannered?

If this simple example rings true for you, please check out the following website:  http://www.The Work.com.  The central

Cover of "Who Would You Be Without Your S...

Byron Katie

question asked in the process described by Byron Katie is this:  “Who would you be without your story?”  She has created four questions that lead you into self-exploration of your beliefs, and leads you out of the need to cling to your story.  Peace and freedom are the end result.

No one can discover these sponsoring beliefs except for you.  Only you lived through your life.  Only you made the choice to believe that one is better than another.  And only you can decide that if your past choice no longer holds true for you today, that it is time to choose again.

Release the beliefs that hold you back, and you will see what you really are – an innocent kitten who is blameless and who just wants to grow up to her full potential.

Thank you for being my mirror.  Without you, I would not see what I need to see in myself.

Comments on the Need to Write

Image of a modern fountain pen writing in curs...

This process is really fun! I simply asked for comments, and in they flowed, like a river winding its way through my blog.

This experience has convinced me that we all have a need to share our experiences with someone else.  It validates us and provides an external mirror to view our thoughts and beliefs.  The sharing also allows us to give to someone else what our experience has taught us.  A bond is shared, almost like a power cord,  if only for a moment in time.  Just imagine what would happen if the combined experience and intelligence of 7 billion people were to focus on the same thing!

Please keep sending your comments.  The following are wonderful insights that I received – enjoy!

OldLoveAffair.wordpress.com wrote: 

I write to make sense of my world, the things that have happened to me. I write for my own sanity.

gravatar.com/chelton1008 x

For me, as you, recognition is “not” why I write. I write because there’s some unseen force within me that seems to make itself known when I go through this process. At times I can’t even believe what I’ve written! It’s like God is talking to me through the words that often pop onto the page. My responsibility is to drink it in, and share it with whomever crosses my path that needs the same message. I may never write an official blog, or have a book published …but the pages of my journals count for something deeper – at least to me. Perhaps they’re meant for my family who will inherit them when I pass from this life. Perhaps they’ll be donated in a garage sale ..and a stranger will read a line that will speak some word that is needed. To me, it’s fun and inspiring and encouraging to think these thoughts and go through the exercise. That’s why I write.

The Need to Write

Several months ago, I submitted an inspirational short story to a writing competition sponsored by Writer’s Digest.  The grand prize was $5,000 but I won an even bigger prize.


I had forgotten about the contest until I received a large envelope in the mail (have you ever noticed that good news always comes in the form of large envelopes?)  I had no idea what it contained because the contest was tucked far back into the recesses of my mind (believe me – there are many).

Anyway, when I opened the envelope, this is what I discovered:

Now, I am normally a fairly reserved person. But I have to admit I felt a surge of excitement flush through my veins and my feet did a celebatory two-step.  There may have been an arm pump or two…I am sure that you get the picture.

Anyone who shares their thoughts, ideas, feelings through writing should be nodding about now.  Recognition is something that is hard to come by, but so sweet when it drops into your world.  It provides the fuel to continue your path, sharing your journey with the world.

But is recognition the ultimate goal of any writer or blogger? It can’t be, because so many continue to share themselves even though the audience is silent. Do we write for recognition or do we celebrate when it comes our way?  Which comes first – the urge to share or the need for validation?

I don’t know about you, but I write because that is the best way for me to process my world.  My thoughts become focused and my intention clear when I can express myself on paper (or in cyberspace).  The mental chatter that plagues me at times is held at bay as my fingers fly across the keys to paint the words before they disappear from my awareness. My world makes sense, if only for the moments I spend expressing myself.

As Ray Bradbury put it so succinctly, “You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”

If you share this same compulsion, would you be so kind and send me a note about your experiences? Which came first – the compulsion to write or the need for recognition?

Although the comments made about this blog are public and available for everyone to enjoy, I will take it one step further and compile the comments into another blog post.  Be sure to include your blog, website and facebook URL in the body of your comment.

I will gladly give you my recognition and acknowledgment of your bravery, honest and courage.  Blessings!




Life’s Cup of Coffee

As I step deeply into my fifties, I connect with spiritual concepts on a deeper level.  The world of form takes a back seat to the idea that shimmers just beyond my physical awareness.  When I finally see it, the overlay of that concept draped on my life brings everything into perspective.

For example, I was drinking coffee early one morning, and the thought occurred to me that the air surrounding the cup was shaped by the cup’s form.  I started concentrating on the air and space instead of the cup and that is when it hit me.English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...

We are just like the cup!

Before you dismiss me as a crazy loon, let me explain.  Every human who has ever walked the earth came here as a body, mind and spirit.  Although the form of the body changes, the spirit for everyone is the same – a piece of God, if you will.  But we can’t see spirit…we can’t touch it or taste it…so we tend to dismiss its existence because it does not seem to be verified by our physical senses.

When I had my “aha” moment over my cup of coffee, the analogy was that the Spirit of God is just like air.  We can’t see it…we can’t touch it or taste it…well, you get my point.  So please indulge me for a moment as I continue this analogy.

We are just like the cup – living in a certain shape and form, but surrounded by the Spirit of God.  As we move through life, we tend to collect hurt, anger, pain, resentment from our experiences.  These emotions from the past become debris in our cup, and they take up space where the air once circulated freely.  Live long enough or tragically enough, and your cup of life will be filled with the jetsam of your past, with no space for your essence.

And no connection to the larger air that always surrounds you.

Does that make sense?  Why carry your past with you when it buries your spirit from connecting to God – the larger Spirit?  Learn to release and forgive everything that blocks your essential, spiritual connection with God.  Free yourself from the debris that you can never change and learn to dance.

Your cup will be full and your life will be filled with the essence of what you are — a part of God.

Dance With the Divine

My latest book has been published – without fanfare, a publishing contract or an agent!  In the amazing new world of on-line publishing, anyone can write a book and have it transformed into an e-book, at no cost.  Unbelievably easy to do, and you are instantly available to anyone who either has a Kindle or can sit and read in front of a computer.

Dance With the Divine is the first in the GuiDance Series of spiritual fiction.  If the book were printed on paper, the back of the book would read something like this:

Dance with the Divine is a book of profound spiritual truths as revealed to an angry and rebellious teenager. The most common questions that have plagued humans for centuries are confronted by a troubled 13 year old whose family has been torn apart by guilt, shame and despair.

  • Why am I here?
  • What purpose do I have in my life?
  • Why do bad things happen to good people?

The answers may surprise you.  The knowledge imparted by this slim piece of spiritual fiction will intrigue you.  But the profound nature of spiritual truths that resonate in this story will be instantly recognized by your very soul.

Dance With the Divine is a guide to living a life of love, peace, joy and gratitude.  A simple instruction booklet for beginners to learn the steps of the greatest dance of all –how to create your very own dance with the Divine.

If you are intrigued, curious, or just want to know more, please visit the Kindle store on Amazon.com and check it out.  And if you buy and read the book, could you also write a review on Amazon? I will gladly repay the favor —



If You are a Dad, You have to Read This Book!

Courageous (film)

Courageous - The Movie

Calling all fathers, or soon-to-be-dads.  I know that it is too early for Father’s Day, but this is too great a book to wait for June.

Have you seen or hear about the movie Courageous?  It is the story of four Sheriff’s Deputies who each face different challenges in their personal lives.  Adam, the lead character, must face the fact that he spends most of his time and all of his energy at work, and does not leave anything left for his family.  It is not until he is faced with a sudden tragedy that Adam realizes that things have to change.  Instead of taking a lazy route, Adam surrenders his will to God, who leads him to create The Resolution.  That one simple decision has far reaching effects which touches and inspires everyone

Courageous was created by Alex and Stephen Kendrick, the same two brothers who created two other Christian movies, Fireproof and Facing the Giants.  I have not seen yet seen the Courageous movie, but after watching clips and the trailer from the website (www.courageousthemovie.com), I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD on January 17th.

If you have the time, read the book.  Randy Alcorn took the screenplay and filled in a lot of the characterization, scenes, and other details to make this a great read.  As he said in Acknowledgments, about 20% of the books comes directly from the screenplay; he had to create the other 80% to write a 362 page novel.

Watch the movie; read the book – whatever you do – learn this story and take it to heart!


A Wink from God

Have you ever encountered a situation that made you sit up, take notice about the seeming coincidence and then realize that there was something more just underneath the surface?  That happened to me on a recent driving vacation.

We decided to rent an SUV to drive to a family ski resort about 700 miles from our home.  The owner’s manual claimed that the vehicle got 22 miles to a gallon on the highway.  Since the gas tank held 21.5 gallons, we calculated that our first tank would take us at least 400 miles.

How wrong we were.

The fuel light came on at 350  miles, just after we passed the last gas station before a long stretch of nothing (this was in the Texas Panhandle, one of the most desolate, deserted areas in the state).  I was driving and I made the bold decision to go to the next town, which was 40 miles away.

Should have turned around.

When we arrived, the gas gauge was pegged out and the gas station where we planned on refueling was empty…not a drop of gasoline to be had.  Amarillo was 30 miles away, and we were out of options.

So I drove on, while my dear husband castigated himself for not insisting that we fill up sooner.  I decided that this was an adventure and that I would make the best of it.

So I prayed.  I asked God to get us to the next gas station safely, and to show us where to pull off the highway.  Then I drove on, peace filling my soul as I breathed deeply and listened to Taylor Swift on my iPhone.

We reached IH-40 and knew that we were on fumes.  There were no bill boards or signs announcing a station, so I kept driving.  I was still calm, but I started looking for a place to pull over if the engine quit.

English: gas station in .

And then I spotted it – and burst out laughing.

A sign placed just before the next exit declared in bold, red letters, “Jesus Saves Travel Center.”

God not only answered my prayer, he gave me a wink in the process.

We were safely on our way in a few minutes, but only after we took the time to laugh about the response to my prayer (and thank God for answering it so quickly).

The message on the gas pump seemed to sum it up: “In Jesus we trust; everyone else must pre-pay.”