Are You Enjoying the Ride?


Image that you are on a roller coaster ride, that is about to top out at cloud level.  As you come up over the top, all you see is air and sky.  Your breath

Roller Coaster "Python" Theme Park E...

would literally be “taken away.”

What about your life – does it take your breath away?  Are you on the uphill climb, struggling to pull yourself up to the top, or are you poised at the crest, taking in the view?  Sometimes you may feel that you are hanging onto the crest, when the gravity of the next step is pulling you closer to the edge…of the unknown.  One second away from dropping…down into the emptiness of the unfamiliar.

So where are you on the roller coaster of life?

I would love to hear your response – feel free to send me a short comment.  Let’s enjoy the ride of life together!

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