Forgiveness is the Door to Happiness

Forgiveness is the door to happiness.

That statement is contrary to popular belief and cultural norms.  We are so focused on who is right that we have forgotten our greater purpose…to forgive so we can be happy.

The opposite of forgiveness is judgement.  And in every moment we take a breath, we have a choice between the two.  They cannot co-exist in the same space and time.  They are mutually exclusive…and available to all of us in every single heart beat.

As Rickey Minor noted in his book, There is No Traffic on the Extra Mile,

“What does not have truth or integrity to it has nothing to feed on but itself.”

Judgement feeds on itself.  It fosters and encourages anger, resentment, pain and intolerance.  It separates us by pointing out differences.  Judgement is a path we choose and one that eventually leads downward to destruction.  It feeds on itself.

Forgiveness creates more.  It does not tear down but builds up.  Forgiveness based on acceptance and love encourages more acceptance and love.  It is the other path we choose and one that will lead upward to happiness and a much closer relationship with God.

Ask yourself today, when faced with a situation that upsets you, whether you would rather be right, or happy.  If being right is important to you, then judge away.  But if you consider the other times in the past when you have made the same choice, did it ever bring happiness?  If the answer is no, then you might want to consider the other choice – forgiveness.

Chose to be a creator, not a destroyer.  Chose love and forgiveness instead of judgement and fear.

And when you make the choice to forgive, start with the one person who needs its the most.


8 thoughts on “Forgiveness is the Door to Happiness

  1. oh boy. I am on a forced fast track to forgiveness. My mother is dying. I am beating myself up about my anger at her and my inability, after over 24 years of trying to forgive her. I HAD NOT considered cutting my self some slack I walk this path. I felt like I just did not have the time. thank you for the reminder. start at Home in my own Heart, thank you Peace, Jen


    • It is hard to give you advice in such a difficult situation. When the time is right, you may want to order a copy of a wonderful book that could bring you a new perspective. It is called “Radical Forgiveness” and is well worth the read. Please hold forgiveness and love for your mother so she dies peacefully and you find your own peace. I will be praying for you both.


  2. Radical Forgiveness! I LOVE the title. I will read this book and thank you for your blog and for your prayers. I don’t think our culture is set up for forgiveness much anymore. Anger is supported. Victim is supported. Knowing that there are people like you out there helps tremendously. I know I can’t walk this path alone. Peace to you! Jen


  3. Jen –
    I was stuck in the victim mindset all of my life, until I read and began practicing Radical Forgiveness (by Colin Tipping). It made a quantum shift in my life and opened me up to wonderful discoveries — especially about myself. Those changes lead me to Debbie Ford’s book, “Dark Side of the Shadow Chasers,” which is about accepting your past, integrating it and moving on. Finally, “A Course in Miracles” is a powerful aid on my journey.
    You will find your own path. The most important part is your desire to give up your current thinking (whether supported by the world or not) and make the decision to grow beyond it. Blessings and peace to you – Kathy


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  5. Thank you for the positive feedback and the book leads. I LOVE the Course in Miracles; It is just that. I do Vipassana meditation (Goenka style) as a way of Being Here Now and that really helps to put the past in the past. We have today, this moment. When I am There all is well.

    Thing is I am ALWAYS there. My brain seems to have other plans. We have a saying in our house, “Your brain is not your buddy.” BUT My Heart is always the Boss.

    Peace, Jen


    • Your willingness to “be there” in the here and now is all that is needed. You are the light of the world…but your grievances dim that light and divert your attention from being the light. Drop your list of people who wronged you and you will reveal “peace that is beyond all understanding.”
      Blessings on your journey!


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