Dance With the Divine

What is it about nature that instantly connects us to the Source and Creator of All?

That question popped into my mind during a recent trip to the mountains. After the business of getting to our destination was finished, the groceries unloaded and bags unpacked, there was nothing else to do but sit on the front porch and just be.

For the first time, I heard the symphony of nature. The high rustle of the aspen leaves dancing in the sun. The birds talking to each to other as the wind enveloped the entire scene with a blanket of sound unlike anything I had ever heard.

It started off low and distant, unseen but definitely heard. The tops of the pine trees on the next ridge began to sway and then it rolled over the hills and valleys until it reached my tiny, minuscule ears. Just like ocean waves that crash on the shore, only to recede back into their source, the wind in the mountains is part of the same eternal dance of giving and receiving.

I call it the “Dance With the Divine.”

I forget to dance when I am so caught up in man-made ideas, concepts and things that my mind is cluttered with the so-called essentials of modern life. My ability to stop and listen to nature seems to dim amid all of the noise of living in a city – traffic and cars, the ding of another text message or email or just the sound of people talking.

Too long emeshed in that unnatural world, and I forget to tend to my inner world. Judgment, criticism of myself and others become the dominant sign posts that guide my joyless life. Logic and reasoning are the fuel toward goals that are at once transitory and illusionary in their substance. I loose touch with my essence and become someone who feels foreign and alien. My ability to flow with events is stymied by my focus on “what is popular” or “how to fit in.”

Until I return to my true nature of giving and receiving.

But it is not just my outer nature to which I must tend – my inner world is most in need of attention. The giving and receiving also pertains to my relationship with God.

We were created in His image and likeness. Perhaps that is why when I look at what God has made – the jewel toned hummingbird, exquisitely cloaked in brilliant colors, or the majesty of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range, or just the simple beauty of the wind in the trees – I instantly connect to God.

And I recognize that He was there all along, patiently waiting for me to accept His invitation to dance. As I learn and relearn the same lesson over and over, I realize that I am the one who turns away or does not listen. He is always there, hand extended in an open inviation for me to let Him lead. All I have to do is accept and follow.

And my dance with the Divine can begin again.

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Create Your World


How can one small word with 10 letters and 5 syllables strike terror in the any beating heart? Because it is one of the doorways to your Self. And your mind does not want you to connect to yourself.

Let me explain.

Have you noticed when your mind is racing at a million miles an hour, that you can’t seem to be calm and quiet? The many thoughts racing across your mind distract you from living and being at peace.

The thoughts of “of my gosh, I am late for work again my boss is going to kill me but I had to take the kids to school and this stupid lady in front of me must have been on drugs because it took her FOREVER to say goodbye to her kid and then I threw my kid out of the car because I knew I was late and he gave me that hurt look and I am going to feel bad all day but I can’t lose this job because how will we make the mortgage payment…”

Allowing your mind to run your life is a guaranteed way to feel exhausted, because you can never keep up with or satisfy your mind.

There is a much better way of living your life – by being in touch with each moment and allowing your true nature to flow into your experience. You have to “get our of your mind” and into your heart. Touching the creative part in you is the bridge to being at peace.

One of the fallacies or tricks that your mind plays on you is distraction. It reminds you of the mistakes you made in the past, it worries about the future, and it constantly judges or criticizes you. Why would your mind do this?

For survival.

We can only focus on a few things at any given moment. Your mind tries to match what you are allowing into your awareness and it checks to see whether it is a potential threat or issue that could cause pain. When there is a match, then your mind goes into high gear and all of the thoughts surrounding that thing or person are blasted into your thoughts.

At times like this, you might feel as though your mind is in control.  And in some ways, it is, for very good reasons.

When we had to live in the wild and constantly be aware of potential danger (is that a stick or a snake?) the mind’s constant vigilance was appropriate and necessary. The problem is that our minds still act as if we are living in a primitive environment that has a potential threat waiting around every corner, when we actually are secure and our basic needs for food and shelter are satisfied. Since the mind is geared to protect us and there are few physical dangers, it seeks out emotional or imagined ones instead.

The bottom line is that the mind will distract you with illusions. When you listen to the mind’s chatter and act on it, you guarantee that you will never do the one thing that will bring you peace.

Live in the present moment.

You create your life moment by moment. You cannot change anything that happened in the past, no matter how hard you try. You cannot live in the future because it only arrives in the present moment. Now is all you have to live and be.

There is a simple technique that is available to every human being on the planet, that instantly brings your focus back to the present moment. It is free, always available and oh so easy to do. This technique works for anyone, no matter the socio-economic background, culture or color of their skin. It is was connects us to the thread of life and the pulse of God that beats in all of us. What is this magic elixir that frees us from the prison of our mind?

Your breath.

Each breath you take in is an opportunity to be connected to life. Each exhale is a moment to jettison the tension or worry or stress that is blocking your flow of creativity. Focusing on your breathing is the best way to discovering your inner creative genius, because it stills your mind.

Let’s do a quick exercise.

Draw one large triangle, then a series of smaller triangles that fit perfectly into the larger one.  Take a moment to look at your creation and tell me how many triangles there are.  Write down your answer.  Now close your eyes and breathe deeply 5 times. Open your eyes and look at the picture again and tell me how many triangles there are.

See the difference? When you first started your mind probably said, “oh no, she’s going to make us do some goofy feel good exercise…I can’t stand those! Oh look-Susy next to me has already found 6 triangles and I can only find 2. What is wrong with me?”

Anyone have those kind of thoughts racing thru your mind? It only took a nano second for you to have those thoughts. Did you know that scientists have discovered that we have at least 60,000 thoughts a day? And that more than ___% are the exact same -we are thinking ourselves to death!

Let’s go back to what happened when we took the 5 deep breaths. What did you notice about your thoughts? Did your mind slow down and become still? When you opened your eyes, did you feel calmer and more centered? Why?

Because you temporarily stepped out of your mind!

And what happened when you looked at the triangles again? You saw more if them, because your right side was allowed to express itself.

You have two parts of your brain-the left or rational side and the right or creative side. The left side of your brain is usually the more dominant side, unless you are an artist or in a creative field. The left side is where reason and logic are based. Words are formed in this linear, structured side of your brain. The thoughts generated by your mind are not centered in one side of your brain or the other, but your mind will often resort to logic and reasoning to keep you in check.

What about the right side of your brain? That is the fluid, idea-generating source of inspiration. Anytime you have “an idea out if the blue” it almost always came from the right side of your brain. The right side does not express itself in words – instead pictures and emotions are the language it uses to paint an image. It is the quiet, non-pushy side, that is often dominated by the pushy, noisy left brain.

We are designed to use both sides of our brain. In fact, we are happiest when they are balanced and in unity. If the preceding exercise showed you it was easier for you to work out of one side instead of the other, then some balancing may be order. For most people in this country, the left brain is the dominant force in their thoughts.

If that describes you, then it’s time to recalibrate. And that is where cultivating your creativity comes to the rescue. You must discover ways to still your mind and your thoughts. For example, listen to a meditation guided MP3 every day for a week and keep a journal of your observations. Or engage in a rhythmic activity such as running, bike riding or even knitting. The point is to go beyond your mind to the stillness of being. Whatever you do, keep track of how you feel.

After one week of deliberately seeking your creative side, you now know how it feels to be still, silent or engaged in n activity that keeps your mind occupied. The next step is to begin looking at familiar situations in different ways. For example, use your non-dominant hand when eating or writing. Think of a new way to do ordinary household tasks, such as washing dishes or laundry. Use your mind to lead the way-challenge it to come up with three new ways to serve dinner. You will discover a new side of you – where creativity lives.

Notice how you feel as you discover how to creatively live your life. Increased energy, more interest in the details that make up your day and a deep sense of fulfillment will flow into your experience. Vitality and a sense of adventure will seep into your daily perception, as your realize that even the smallest of details can be the well spring of new, creative ways of living.

You are creating your life, one moment and one detail at a time. Just the way you were designed to live.

Remember to breath as you explore new vistas in your perception of life. Focus on your breath and you ill never be far away from your creative source. You are meant to create your life, in the moment and through each moment, using breath as the bridge or connector to the next experience.

Creativity. It’s not such a scary word anymore, is it?

Live Like a Bird

We have a lot of black turkey vultures in our area and two of them have chosen the top of our chimney to rest. At first, I was slightly alarmed to see these huge, black birds sitting on top of our home, but when they cleaned up after a squirrel who chose the wrong time to cross the street, the integral role that vultures play in nature became graphically real.

Watching these birds soar on invisible wind currents, slightly adjusting their wings to maintain their altitude, is an amazing sight.  And it got me thinking about how I could navigate life’s currents and eddies the same way.

Do I go with the flow and allow things to happen, or do I try to control everything and muck it up in the process?

For most of my life, control was my main password.  If I was determined enough, focused enough and strong enough, I would get what I wanted.  If it didn’t happen, then the fault lay with me, not with anything else.

This kind of thinking led me into all sorts of traps – despair, frustration and pain.  Although I learned from my experiences, I did not learn the most valuable lesson of all.

To breathe and allow, just as a bird soars on the currents and still reaches its destination.

Following this new way of being, my life feels so much freer and less constrained.  I still set my goals and visualize how it will feel to reach them.  What I don’t do is try to control the “how” of what materializes – that is not my job.  When I allow God or the Universe to supply the “how” it always turns out much better than I could have ever imagined.

So next time you see a hawk or vulture soaring effortlessly, apply that to your own life and see what happens.  I promise that your spirits will be lifted as you reach your dreams!