God’s Autograph

Ever wonder why we sign our names to things?  What does your signature represent?  An agreement or consent, usually.  But a signature can also denote pride of creation – such as the signature that is on every Mercedes Benz automobile.  Every painting made by an artist is signed – it must be the need to stamp our identity on what we just brought forth into the physical world.

God is no different – He has stamped his name on    everything that surrounds us.  His signature is imprinted on each translucent leaf that radiates the colors of fall or the vibrancy of spring; His stamp is part of the liquid notes of a songbird, rejoicing as the sun peeks over the horizon at the start of a new day.

God has autographed everything He ever made – including you!

As that awesome truth sinks in, take a moment and close your eyes, breathing deeply.  Then when you are centered and your mind is calm, try the following simple technique.  It will reveal a basic truth about you that can lead you to discover deeper insights that lead to a joyful and abundant life.  Ready?

Please point to yourself.

Where did you point – to your head or your heart?  Most people who respond to this prompt point to their chest or their heart, not their head.  The reason why is that when you get your mind out of the way, you know where your true self resides in your body.  In your heart.

And guess where God has written his autograph that says, “Created with love by God”?   In your heart.

Live knowing that the Glorious, Creator-of-All loved you enough to design and create you. His signature is on your heart, because you belong to Him.

You are no accident.  You are a beloved child of God – live like it!

Your Seeds of Desire

I came across this wonderful article by Lori Hamann that I had to share with you:

How To Grow A Manifestation

Conscious creation doesn’t always seem easy, does it?  In fact, the very act of “staying conscious” can require some work according to our ego’s standards!

Well, this past weekend I was thinking about what nugget I wanted to offer you today,  that would put you in the zone of manifesting your good.

I had ONE word come to mind – (no kidding just one) and that was SEEDING.

I’ve referred to this analogy a thousand times on coaching sessions over the years, but this is the first time I’m writing about it.

So… let’s do this.

Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine you are lightly holding a handful of seeds in the fist of your hand.

Each and every one of those seeds represents an unmanifested desire that you’ve got right now.

You continue to gently hold them, feel the texture on your hand, the lightness, the perfection.  Immerse your senses in this moment.

You stand in awe of the unlimited potential that exists in each one of these seeds…in awe of the miraculous, in awe of Source energy that you hold, in awe that your desires ARE Source…and so are you. 

Be with that for a moment….

Now… imagine that you, yourself, invoke a gentle wind… and holding your hand up in the air, those seeds begin to be carried on the breeze.

Imagine those seeds, which are your desires and intentions…landing exactly where they are supposed to!

Imagine they grow in perfect divine time…

Your job is tend to your own alignment, so those seeds grow into the orchards of divine potential held within.

You are “seeding” each time you intend something and release it… you are seeding each time you allow yourself to dream UP your life and step into the energy of limitlessness.


You wouldn’t considering seeding the soil without tending to those seeds, would you?

Making sure all the conditions are right, (vibrational alignment) for that seed to sprout!

From this perspective… check YOUR conditions:  

Are you consciously setting clear intentions?

Are you releasing your judgment of how or when things come to you?

Are you taking inspired action?

Are you giving even when you are not sure you’ll get back?

Are you using the resources that are right before you?

Are you following your intuitive guidance?

Are you allowing energy to pass through your life, and then passing it on?

Are you honoring your own cycles of growth?

Are you engaged in deep self reverence?

Are you creating the spiritual and metaphysical space to allow that growth?

Are you willing to release anything that is not a match to your divine intent?

Are the thoughts you are thinking a match to the droughts… or to the orchards you’d like to experience in your life?

Ok… at the risk of going over board with seed and growth analogies 🙂  I give this to you as a way to keep yourself in check, and honor the divine potential within, along with the power you hold as the creator of your life!

Have fun… there is literally laaaaaayers of learning in these questions alone, I promise you.

So there you have it… how to grow a manifestation.


Lori Hamann is a mentor and life coach to spiritual entrepreneurs and professionals, who she helps to awaken and create the best within themselves and their businesses.   She is the creator of The Butterfly Experiment, and her Evolve Your Life Newsletter goes out to over 7,000 like minded subscribers.   You can sign up for a f.r.e.e subscription at http://lorihamann.com

The Solution Lies Within

The solutions to the problems before us isn’t more money or fewer difficult people in our lives, because the only real problem is disconnection from God. Solutions come as we connect with a higher level of thinking and knowing. When we lift ourselves in connection with God, an entirely new realm of thought becomes available to us.    —-Mary Manin Morrissey

For many, the search for happiness and peace starts with what is happening in your life – the people, events, and circumstances in which you live. The external world, if you will.  But you will never be satisfied by anything in the outside if you are not balanced on the inside.

How do you obtain inner balance? You first have to withdraw your attention from the external world, stop your mind by mediation or prayer, and just…be.  Listen to the small, still voice that is always trying to communicate with you, but you can’t hear it because of all the chattering noise that fills your head.  When you stop the noise and just listen, you will discover that most miraculous thing of all – that God has been waiting for you to just stop and listen!  

He has been waiting for you to open yourself and say “Yes!”

Practice remembering God.  Remember Him in the small, mundane details of your life and you will discover a secret known throughout the ages – He cares about it all!  Because He loves you – the complete, unadulterated, unfiltered, unpolished you.  Want to know why?  It is very simple – He made you. And the Creator of all things does not hate what He created!

So don’t look outside for the next new thing to solve your problems.  Go within and listen.  God is waiting to help you, but you have to open the door to let Him in.

Is Your Life a Miracle?

“There are two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  — Albert Einstein

One of the most brilliant minds of all times clarified the choice we all must make, every moment we are awake and conscious.  This simple philosophy condenses millions of words, thoughts and ideas about the human condition into one question:  “How am I going to react to this?”

It is almost like a door that is always open before us.  We stand before the door questioning ourselves, our value and our purpose.  But we are still drawn inexplicably to what lies on the other side.  We cling to our physical sensations, memories of the past controlling our decisions today.  And still we are called to step through…

What lies on the other side of the door?  A spiritual connection to God. A sense of oneness with the Universe.  A joyful experience of ourselves as spiritual beings living in a physical world.  The knowledge that everything is a miracle.

So what are you going to chose today?  To see life as nothing, or everything?

God’s Pencil

A slender stick of wood can be a wondrous experience in the hand of a creator.  Nothing of itself, it can transform a blank sheet of paper into a magical place, full of flowers and fairies.  Adventures and action, cars and crowds – anything is possible.  You are only limited by your imagination.

Sometimes the simplest of tools can become the most empowering.  My daughter recently discovered a latent talent for drawing faces.  She has filled page after page of eyes, some soft and loving, others hard and angry.  Mouths and lips fly off her pencil with the greatest of ease.  Noses have been a challenge, but she mastered even that elusive bit of anatomy after many attempts.  She has now graduated to putting all of these elements together – in a real face.  Along the way, she discovered a passion for the trip you take in your mind and heart when you are in the moment, creating.

All because she picked up a pencil and began to draw.

Sometimes, I imagine God as He was creating the world.  I wonder if He debated between using blue or green for the sky or ocean.  When you look at a peacock’s tail in full display, the vibrant colors are breathtaking.  Or a rose petal that is so delicate, you can see through its opacity into another world.  Loving thought went into each of the smallest details of these physical objects.

How much loving thought went into your creation?

You were born from a creative source. You are here to create your own experience and to live in the contrasts of life.  God is the Great Creator; God made you in His likeness; therefore, you are a creator too.

How open are you to creative impulses?  Do you listen to their nudge when they tap you on the shoulder, or do you turn away because you are “too busy”?  Take some time today and rediscover your creative side – God is there, waiting for you with open arms.

And remember, a pencil in the hands of a Creator is a mighty tool!