A Quick Post

Only have time for a quick post today…

What would your life look like with God as your dance partner?Have you read any ebooks lately? Whether or not you have a Kindle or Nook, you can still enjoy the accessibility of an ebook on your iPhone, iPad or your computer.  They cost much less than a regular book and you can enjoy new authors who do not yet have a publisher.

Be the first to read my ebook, called “Dance With the Divine.”  A story about a troubled teenager who must face the destruction of her family, because of a secret past that no one will disclose.  On her journey towards healing, she discovers a simple connection that is available to her any time, any place. And she learns to dance…

Check out “Dance with the Divine” at Amazon:

It only costs $2.99 – less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks. And you may learn something that can help you live a fuller, richer life!

2 thoughts on “A Quick Post

    • And this from the Master Story Teller herself – that means a great deal! Sometimes it just comes to me (especially when I get out of the way). Most of the time, I stand squarely in the way, and the creative source just flows around (not through) me. Does that make any sense?


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