Hello world!

I have joined the ranks of the many by starting my own WordPress blog.  But I have to wonder why anyone would want to read my words, my random musings about life or my insights gained from living on this earth for more than 50 years (when in the world did THAT happen?)

A blog is an blank canvas, waiting for inspiration, comedy, pain, anger or any other emotion you could paint on it with words.  The brush of life connects the globs of colored ideas to create a new twist, a sparkling idea of insight that takes your breath away.

Or at least, that is what I hope to invoke in my readers…

No one says it better than Julia Cameron, in The Right to Write:

“Valuing our experience is not narcissism…It is, rather, the act of paying active witness to ourselves and our world…As we attune ourselves more and more closely to the value of passing moments, we learn that we are something of moment ourselves.”

Won’t you join me in my journey to witness life?  And please leave your comments, suggestions and concerns.

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